Chamomile Wheat

What’s different about this beer?  Well, obviously there is Chamomile in it, but we also use over 25% of Cracked Wheat in the malting process.

This adds a rare and distinct flavor that most brewers have yet to breach.  After meticulous testing Beaver Brewing has devised the perfect mix of Cracked Wheat and Chamomile that results in a crisp exceptional beer, not to mention the added benefits of Chamomile.

Ingredients:  2-Row Malt, Cracked Wheat, Torrefied Wheat, Real Chamomile Flowers, Fuggle and Hallertau Hops

ABV: 4.2%

Availability: Year Round

One Response to Chamomile Wheat

  1. Tom Plevel says:

    I tried this beer at a private tasting. Great stuff. Can’t wait to try some more tasty inventions from Beaver Brewing Company. Nice work Mr. Woodske.

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