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If you like the beer you’ll love the book!   Newly released is a book by Beaver Brewing Company Kvass: History, Health Benefits and Recipes.  It is available on Amazon.com.  Click the link to order.  

It offers over 2 dozen recipes to make Kvass in your home as well as a detailing of the Health Benefits and a Brief History on this ancient ale. 

I also have an interview I did with Voice of Russia Radio about Kvass. Click on it to learn more about Kvass in 15 minutes than most people will learn in their lifetimes!

Chances are you have never heard of or had the chance to drink a KVASS?  Well it’s only the #1 malted beverage sold by street vendors in Russia!  This is a Russian Style Kvass beer.

Scared to try it?  Well the folks at BeerAdovcate Magazine gave it a try in 2012 and wrote this review about the beer.  Calling it “An amazing brew for what it is.”

beeradvocate kvass

What makes KVASS Unique compared to beer?  Well Bread is the main ingredient by weight (0ther than water).  My recipe mirrors one that originated around 989 AD and was written down about 600 years later in the Domostroy.

The only difference is I add small amounts of malted barley and the lowest amount of hops that I can…if I don’t I can’t legally sell it!

Other ingredients from this ancient recipe include raisins and lemon peel.  Consider it the Russian Health Drink of the 10th Century…people learned early on that if you wanted to keep your teeth you needed to avoid scurvy (vitamin C keeps it away).  That’s why they added the lemon, the raisins were the only sweetener they had so they went in to balance it out.

The alcohol content is very low compared to most beers (1.5% -2% ABV).

Ingredients: Bread (LOTS of it), Wheat or Rye Malt, Lemon Juice & Peel, Raisins. (It also goes through several changes each summer as we add fresh flavors like mint and lavender to it)

Hops: Fuggles and Hallertau.   IBU’s: 4

HCU: 3

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  1. Grant Taylor says:

    Concerning Kvass, I’d like to try it.You say it will be available in April (4/2/11?) Are you using bread yeast to get the souring or going with regular ale yeast? Scott Simpson at East End brews this beer and there is an article in the Dec,2010 issue of “Brew your own” about it.I haven’t tasted it yet but it sounds like a authentic recipe he is using.I can send you a copy if your interested, it has recipes for the beer and others some using bread and one using ale yeast .I’d be interested to know your experiences particularly with the sourness, Scott’s recipe calls for 1.5 IBU’s only so as not to counteract the sourness-like lambic for example.
    I read the Bob Batz PPG article,cool idea to start nano brewery. I’d like to do the same.
    One last thing, have you been to the TRASH (homebrewers) competitions? Now that you are a “PRO” I don’t know if you can enter, but you can judge. The competition is April 9 and the website is trashhomebrewers.org. You can go to the competition page and then judge registration. They mention your brewery on the Active forum topics link (new artisan nano brewery nearby)
    Good luck
    Grant Taylor

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      I really hope it will. I will have it made, but waiting for the state approval….They have the info, just waiting for the thumbs up. I’ll let you see if you can tell if there is a ale yeast or bread yeast involved…I like to add some suspense! Fire me off a recipe, I always like to learn…. dan@beaverbrewingcompany.com

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