We are open…IN BEAVER!

It’s been a year in the making, but we are opening up a new location in Beaver…not Beaver County, but the town of Beaver.  We are partnering with Waffles Inc. to serve beer in their restaurant.

Two immediate questions you may have.

  1.  “Why are you serving beer at a Breakfast place?”  – Good question and the answer is that starting Thursday they will be serving dinner 3 days a week. (Thursday, Friday Saturday, from 4:30 til 9:30.  They are adding a dinner menu and still having most of the breakfast items available.
  2.  “Hey, Beaver is a dry town…how is this possible!?!” – And it still is a dry town.  There was new legislation passed last year that allowed breweries the ability to have locations outside of their own breweries that can serve beer for on site consumption…these licences DO NOT fall under the Wet/Dry restrictions.   So while you can’t open a bar in Beaver, wineries and breweries can have locations in the town.

Waffles Inc. produces some great food and we are REALLY happy to be working with them.  We plan on having four rotating beers on Tap.  The Brown Note and the Chamomile Wheat will be “regulars” with others rotating in from time to time.

If you want to stop in and be one of the cool people to drink and order a beer in Beaver, please follow Waffles on their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WafflesINCaffeinated/

Lastly thanks to everyone that has come in over the years to support the brewery.  Without you we never do this.  We don’t open in Beaver Falls and we don’t do something historic in the town of Beaver (It has been before prohibition that someone bought and consumed a Drink in Beaver so yes…it is historic.)

Been a long journey and we plan on adding more locations and other new and exciting stuff in Beaver Falls before the end of the year as well!

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Fresh Nelson Sauvin and Habanero Mead!

I always say the best pales and IPA’s are served fresh.  Well, Tuesday we are kegging the Nelson Sauvin and Thursday we are serving it.

My recommendation…try the regular Nelson First.  Then move to the Barrel Aged Nelson Sauvin second…amazing the difference some barrel aging does!

Plus we have a NEW mead from Laurel Highlands Meadery…and it’s hot…literally!  Aged mead on Habanero peppers for a nice (and not insane) heat.


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Beer Cocktails and More!

A piece of the latest legislation from the PA House is taking effect in August and will be very nice for us!  Starting in Early August we will be able to sell distilled spirits that have been made in PA!

We will have some Wigle Whiskey, Maggie’s Farm Rum, CJ Spirits, Bluecoat, and a host of other drinks available.  Right now we are working on a cocktail menu that will include at least 3 beer cocktails that you’ll be able to order year round at the bar.

There will be a mini “party” for the release of these so stay tuned!

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Dr. Rudi Pale Ale

This Friday we tap a brand new pale ale with a Hop that we have never used…Dr. Rudi Hops from New Zealand.

They pack a lot of different flavors in one variety.  Piney, Herbal, Grassy, and a hint of Citrus fruit all in one hop.   Simcoe hops are similar, but they are absolutely different.  We dry hopped it with some Simcoe to add some piney aroma.

On tap this Friday!

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Maple Porter on Tap and News on HB 1690

First off, we have a really delicious Maple Porter on tap right now.  VERY LIMITED.

It is made with a special maple syrup that was cooked over an open fire (went old school here.)  You will find there is a prevalent smokey flavor and aroma on the beer…and it is from the maple!  Also makes one hell of a mix with our Blueberry Saison….tastes like pancakes!

Also voting on HB 1690 is taking place soon and we are excited about some of the changes.  One, we can potentially have a full bar!  There is a provision in there that will allow brewpubs to sell PA distilled spirts…can you say Beer Cocktails!   Hopefully this will go into effect by the end of the year.

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Lawnmower Pale Ale on tap Friday

Sometimes you want a punch you in the face hoppy and over the top beer.  Sometimes you are sweating your ass off and just want a beer to quench your thirst and cool you off…We are tapping the latter this Friday.

Our Lawnmower Pale Ale is nice and citrusy.  None of the piney, herbal, or cattyness you get from some Pales.  This is made with all Mandarina Bavaria hops from Germany.  They have a distinct tangerine type flavor and aroma.  Just the right amount of bitterness….

Very easy drinker at 4.6% ABV.

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Car Cruise is this Saturday!

One of the better local annual events is this Saturday…The Beaver Falls Car Cruise.  Great event.  Even better is that it is free to attend!

We open at 11:30 AM on Saturday and offer “To-go” plastic cups so you can sip on beer as you peruse around all of the stuff you wish you owned outside.

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Chamomile Wheat is back!

After a brief hiatus the Chamomile Wheat is back.  I personally think it is one of our better done beers.  Really fresh and crisp tasting hefeweizen.

Chamomile is also some great tasting stuff.  Usually you will find it steeped similar to tea. It isn’t actually Tea at all…it is a flower.  One you have seen many, many times in your life. It is a very tiny flower, white petals and yellow center.  You will find that it gives the beer an incredibly smooth finish that isn’t at all harsh on your palate.

On tap Friday night!


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Watermelon Wheat on Tap This Weekend!

Probably our favorite warm weather beer.  No fruit is as crisp and refreshing as a watermelon…

We use about 60 pounds of Watermelon in each batch of our Watermelon Wheat…yes, the real watermelon…not flavoring.

We also use a really unique and hard to find hop (Huell Melon) which actually has the flavor profile of Cucumbers and Watermelons itself.  Really makes the beer pop.  On tap Friday night.

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Anniversary Party This weekend!

6 years ago we were pouring growlers in a VERY small space.  And we were fortunate enough to have a couple of bars carry the beer as well.   From there we were able to purchase a building and build a brewpub.

This weekend we are celebrating 3 Years in Beaver Falls – And 6 years total.

While it isn’t an all out “party”, we are having some special things going on.  We will be announcing something new each Day this week.

Monday – We will be tapping our first Shandy!  A Chardonnay Barrel aged shandy at that…with Raspberries…

Tuesday – You may not know, but we carry some great wine and mead as well.  All of those will be a $1 off all weekend!

Wednesday – ALL YOU CAN EAT FRIES FROM THE BALL JOINT!  We are having them deliver several trays at 5 pm and at 730 pm as well.  Couldn’t figure out a better pairing to go with alot of beer.  We will also have some great toppings for the fries as well.

Thursday – Belgian Sour Aged in a Pinot Noir Barrel.  It is beyond description…so many flavors going on at once.  Well worth a try.

Friday –  At 9pm on Saturday we will be cracking open a 5 year old sour pecan pie experiment.  Back in the days in Patterson we did SUPER SMALL 1 gallon tests with different yeast and bacteria strains.  This is one we did five years ago and I have no idea what to expect!  Free to anyone that wants to try it.

Saturday…Bring a friend!  About 90% of our business comes from people telling their friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers about the brewery.  So this weekend do just that.  If you are planning on coming, invite your dad, bring your mistress, ask your neighbor to come, invite your crossfit trainer that you have debated leaving your husband for about a dozen times, anyone that you think will have a good time enjoying some locally crafted beer!

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