Farm To Glass Event August 25th

We always try and use local ingredients at the brewery.  When we do coffee beers we use locally roasted coffee, most of our food comes from farmers markets, ALL of our spirits and wine are made here in Pennsylvania.

So our next brewery even just made sense…Farm To Glass will take place at the brewery on August 25th.  We are going to use all FRESH AND LOCAL ingredients to make our cocktails.


Some of he examples…

1. Fresh Made Bloody Mary with Wapsipinicon Peach Heirloom Tomatoes: We have tinkered with the recipe and this one with be made with 0% mix! Just Local Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Parsley, Pepper, Salt, and Vodka.

2. Cucumber Martini: Pressed local Cucumber Juice, A hint of Apple Juice, and Gin or Vodka. Wonderfully refreshing.

3. Landlocked Peach Ginger Martini: We have done this before with amazing success. We cook down local peaches with some ginger and then finish it off with a Spiced distilled honey from Wigle Whiskey.

Mark your calendars!  Should be a fun event with drinks you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

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Burgers and East Coast Pale Ale this weekend

We busted out the grill this weekend and will be grilling up burgers and chicken sandwiches this weekend!

Both of those will go wonderfully with our East Coast Pale Ale that we are tapping on Thursday.  Plenty of Mosaic and Citra Hops.  East Coast Pales have all the hop flavor, but not much of the bitterness of a traditional Pale Ale.   They are also VERY hazy.  They yeast stays floating around and make for a cloudy beer…don’t panic!  It’s supposed to look this way!

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Beaver Falls BoilerMaker Coming This Weekend

We wanted to make a beer that paid homage to the Beer Drinker during the heyday of Beaver Falls.  After asking around we found the drink of choice after a shift at B&W, Moltrup Steel, and/or Armstrong Cork was the “Boilermaker”.  In short, the old Shot in a Beer.  This video sums it up.

We are going to tap this Saturday evening so if you want to try something truly unique stop down and grab a pint of our newest barrel aged offering.

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Bloody Mary and More Cider

It’s the last weekend of the month so that means we will have our house made Bloody Mary Available.  We make ours with Leek Vodka, Black Pepper Whiskey, and Habanero Infused Vodka for what we believe is the best Bloody Mary in town.

We also have more cider available.  It’s all made on site and you can find it in the brewery or at the Farmers Market in Beaver Falls or New Brighton.  We have in bottles: Strawberry, Rhubarb, Sour Cherry, Peach Cobbler, and Van Helsing (a garlic based marinade cider).  All available this weekend!

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Shrimp Tacos and French Biere De Garde + Why not…Mojitos!

It’s hot, we get that.  Generally this time of the year you are looking for that “lawnmower beer”.  Something clean and refreshing.  Our French Biere De Garde is exactly that.  Made with a French ale yeast and French Stesselspalt Hops and a pilsen malt base.  Very easy drinking, malty and clean.

We’re pairing that with our Shrimp Tacos.  $8 for three tacos and chips.  Find a better deal out there…just try!

Lastly we are going for mojitos as this weeks special cocktail.  We pick the mint daily and make our simple syrup with local honey instead of cane sugar for a “healthier” drink.

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The Week of the Blueberry

This week we tap our brand new Blonde and BlueBerried.  A crisp blonde ale made with predominantly Pilsner Malts and REAL Blueberries.  We hopped it lightly with some brand new Lemondrop Hops for a hint of Citrus.

We are also featuring a Blueberry Cocktail.  Liberty Pole Spirits Whiskey with Blueberry Puree, Honey, and Cinnamon served over ice.  Pretty awesome and refreshing.

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Take a Beercation! + Barrel Rested I.Porter.A on tap

No reason to buy a plane ticket for you next vacation, just follow the Ohio River Beer trail.  Bob Batz Jr. at the Post-Gazette wrote a great article last week highlighting breweries up and down the river (most right off route 65).   Check it out here.  Beer Trail, Makes for a great summer weekend trip.

We also tapped a Barrel Rested I.Porter.A this week.  Same recipe as always, but we let this sit in a Whiskey Barrel for 3 weeks…the beer becomes a slight bit more malty and chocolaty with the barrel finish.  Still great, just different.  Makes a nice Black and Tan!

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$10 Growler Fills and Roggenbier tapping this weekend!

As you prep for the 4th of July picnic this weekend you can scratch “beer” off your list…

Growler fills will be just $10 (excluding barrel aged beers, those will be $2 off though).  And if you have 32 ounce Growler, those will be $2 off a fill as well.

We are also tapping a brewery favorite, our Roggenbier on Friday.  Made with rye malts this is similar to a hefeweizen, but instead of Wheat you sub in rye.  Low ABV, tons of flavor.

We did a video of this a few years ago that goes into detail about the beer.

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Mulberry Cocktails and Shrimp Tacos!

People love the shrimp tacos so much we had to  bring them back!  We also picked some fresh Mulberries to create a Mulberry Cocktail.  Both this weekend only!


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Watermelon Wheat + Arnold Palmer Cocktail

We have tapped our most popular summer beer, our Watermelon Wheat.  Made with – get this – REAL watermelons!

We also have a new signature cocktail this week.  The Lavender Arnold Palmer.  Iced tea, lemonade, your choice of rum or vodka and we add some Lavender for a nice floral aroma and finish.


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