A Nice Tall Glass of Shut The Hell Up + Experimental Ale

Yes…that is the name of our most recent beer.

Why?  Because people that are new to the place always ask for “Your House IPA”.  We never have one, but on occasion we do make the Hoppy Beer or two.

This one is a Rye’d up IPA made with Simcoe Hops for bittering (Piney aroma and taste) and Citra Hops were added late to the boil.   The hops give way to a nice and spicy malt flavor.   On tap last week and going quickly!

We are also working with a hard to find seasonal yeast (Antwerp Ale) from White Labs.  It is a hybrid kinda lagery, kinda Belgian, kinda clean, yeast.  Have NO IDEA how this will develop, but it will be on tap 1/29.

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Oolong Ale Back on Tap + More Cider!

We are bringing back the most requested beer from our Tea Series this summer…the Monkey Picked Oolong Ale.  This is the highest quality tea and we add it to a malty almost Irish Red like beer.  Lightly hopped for a unique beer experience.

On Saturday we will be tapping our Snowbound Cinnamon Cider from Arsenal Cider in Pittsburgh.  Nice winter cider that is packed with Cinnamon flavor…just tastes like winter in a glass.

Plus we will have a very cool salsa on the menu…never before released at the brewery!  Something unique that we are looking for feedback on…

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Roggenbier is Back! Tapping 1/8/15

One of our more popular beers is back on tap this weekend….the Roggenbier!  Don’t know what one is?  Well we have this little video for you to enjoy…


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Kinky Blonde is coming…Closed January 1st

We will be closed on Thursday January 1st and Re-Open Friday the 2nd for New Years Day.

This weekend we should be unveiling our latest “Blonde” Ale….The Kinky Blonde.  Like the other beers in our Blonde Series this one is light bodied (3.7% ABV for easy drinking) and is lightly hopped with floral hops:  Hallertauer, and Ahntanum.

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Holiday Hours and A Nice Tall Glass of Shut the Hell Up on Tap

We will be closed December 25th and 26th for Christmas.  We will open for Normal business hours on Saturday December 27th from 4 til 10 pm with a new beer on tap!

We will be serving up a Nice Tall Glass of Shut the Hell Up…an Uber hopped up beer with nothing but Simcoe Hops for bittering and Citra Hops for the Aroma.  It comes in at 95 IBU’s and 6% ABV.  We added a touch of Rye for a little bit of a peppery malty flavor.

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Dark….Chocolate….Peanut Butter….Stout….

Got alot of requests to have this in time for Christmas Growler fills this year so we will oblige!

If you missed it last year we put ACTUAL PEANUT BUTTER AND DARK CHOCOLATE into this beer!  It’s crazy to imagine but there are MANY larger breweries putting out PB and Chocolate beers that add exactly ZERO of each ingredient…they use “Flavoring”…what the hell is that?  I don’t know what “flavoring” consists of so I stick to the REAL stuff.

On tap Thursday.

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Harmonist Schwarzbier (a small bit) and the Tapping of Our Scottish Ale

It was only on tap for two weeks but we will have a MINIMAL AMOUNT of the Harmonist Schwarzbier on tap this weekend.  We are using most of our reserves at the Annual Christmas Dinner this Wednesday at Old Economy Village but have a tiny amount left.  We are donating the beer to the museum for the dinner and hope the patrons enjoy it there as mush as it was enjoyed at the brewery!

If you want to try it we are tapping the beer on Thursday Evening.

We are also tapping an 80 Schilling Scottish Ale this weekend as well.  It is a bit higher in alcohol than some Scottish beers (ours is about 4.8% ABV).  It is a very clean easy drinking ale.  Well balanced.

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Kvass…New Pin…and Caviar

We just tapped some fresh kvass and it will be on tap starting Thursday night…its the last batch before the spring comes so if you want to give it a try now is your chance!  Very traditional version, rye bread, lemons, raisins…that’s it.

We also added a new pinball machine, Playboy 35th anniversary!

Pinball Beaver Falls

Lastly we have Caviar…Cowboy Caviar on the menu this weekend!  Great combo of beans, cilantro, peppers, and other good stuff.  Maybe the healthiest item we have served at the brewery.  Comes with chips and is only $4.50 a serving.

Beaver Brewing Company food

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Pecan Pie Day This Week! Thanksgiving Eve! + Our Harmonist Schwarzbier is on tap

As you know we do ONE and ONLY ONE batch of our Pecan Pie Nut Brown a year.  It is made with Real Pecans, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, and a hint of nutmeg all wrapped around a malt forward brown ale.

We release it on Thanksgiving Eve and when it is gone….it is gone!  We are open our normal hours 4-10pm.

Adding to the excitement is our Harmonist Schwarzbier.  Old Economy Village in Ambridge unearthed an original beer recipe from the Harmonist Head brewer and commissioned us to make the beer for their annual Christmas Dinner. We tapped it last Saturday for a test run and we are already halfway through it.  If you want to try an old age beer it won’t be on tap for long!

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Laurel Highland Meadery Visiting the Brewery this Saturday 11/22!!

Our favorite Western Pennsylvania Meadery is visiting this weekend for a tasting of their Mead!  They will be at the brewery Saturday (11/22) from 6-8 pm.  We will also be stocked with several of their new meads (including Bochet!) for the winter months.  Not only will they be serving, but you will also be able to buy bottles directly from them.

There are only four places that carry their stuff in Western PA and luckily, we are one of them.  Don’t miss it!

If you want to learn more about them check out their website.  Laurel Highlands Meadery


To top it off, all of our Pinball Machines will be set to free play!  Grab a beer, a mead, and flip ’til your fingers fall off!  Check in on our event page on Facebook!

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