Pecan Pie Day is a Month AWAY!

We do our Pecan Pie beer ONE DAY A YEAR.  That’s right.  We tap it, then by the end of the day it is gone until next year.  This year we have added a few wrinkles that we aren’t quite ready to release…but yes…we are doing it again.

Wednesday November 23rd or Thanksgiving Eve at 4pm is when the beer will be tapped.  Last year we ran out of growlers by 8pm, and all the beer was consumed in pints by 10.

Mark your calendars and check back as we will have some other announcements about the day coming soon!

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Cider Cocktails all weekend and $1 off all Arsenal Cider!

We are celebrating Apple Cider this weekend with our Cocktail Menu.  3 Cider based cocktails.

First, Dark and Applely. Aged Rum from Big Spring Spirits goes with our house made ginger soda, lime, and cider.

Next is the Rye Appletini. Kinsey rye whiskey, a sprig of lavender, and cider.

Last up is Landlocked Cider, we add spiced spirits from Wigle Whiskey to apple cider for a nice and spiced fall beverage.

And yes, we have Pumpkin Beer as well!

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer and a New Gose on the way!

This November we are tapping some new beers never before released.  One is a Bourbon Barrel Aged beer.  Should be ready close to Thanksgiving.  Earlier in November we are bottling and tapping a new Gose that will be part of a fundraiser for a local charity.

Keep up to date with all of our updates on twitter @BeaverBrewing or on Facebook

pecan pie barrel aged beer

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Pumpkin Beer is Here + a Pumpkin Cocktail!

I know, so late are we…introducing a pumpkin beer all the way in OCTOBER!

But that’s how we roll.  Nate Banks has come back for a third year in a row to brew a pumpkin beer.  His “Got Pumpkins?” will be on tap this Friday.  A roasty milk stout with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Perfect Fall Season beer.

We also have a Pumpkin Cocktail this week!  Pureed Tangerines, Pumpkins, Cinnamon, simple syrup from Brown Sugar, and Manatawny Whiskey!   Served on ice…but it will warm you up!

manatawny whiskey cocktail

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WienerFest Continues with more German Beer!

This Friday we tap our third German Beer…the MPA or Munich Pale Ale.  We use Pilsner Malt as the base, add some Munich Malt for color and a touch of Rye for spiciness.  Then we use all German Hops.  Magnum, Merkur, and Hallertauer.   Makes for a very earthy Pale Ale.

We also have our Roggenbier and Sticke Alt beer on tap as well!

And to top it off…WIENERS!  We cook them in our MPA and they are here all weekend, 3 for $5.

Our Cocktail of the week is a new concoction.  We pureed Peaches and Cut up a bunch of Ginger and cooked it WAY down so it would caramelize.   You get a sugary spicy beverage that is very nice with some Vodka in it.   I call it “Peach Me, I’m Dreaming”.

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First Collaboration Beer in time for Oktoberfest!

Cody from Crooked Tongue Brewing LLC and I were talking a few months ago about a collaboration beer and this Friday we are tapping it!

He came up with the idea to brew a “Sticke Alt”. A German Style “secret” recipe Altbier. Slightly higher in alcohol, darker, and hoppier than a typical Altbier.

Since we wanted to keep with the theme of secrecy (Sticke is German for Secret), we shared with each other an idea of what we were going to brew and we also used the same yeast. Everything else was up to the brewer.

This week marks the beginning of Oktoberfest so the timing couldn’t have been better. Stop into either our Brewery or Crooked Tongue to try both! If you take a selfie pic at Crooked Tongue and bring it into us we will give you $2 off your growler fill!cody

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New Beer in Beaver and this week’s cocktail

We are tapping the S’More Is Better stout in Beaver on Friday as well as a new beer just for our Beaver Drinkers…Failed Resolution IPA is a tribute to the wasted vote by council that essentially told us to “get off my lawn!”

As a short follow-up to the that vote…we actually got a letter from the Pennsylvania LCB that said they got a copy of the resolution and that the council of Beaver has no say in the approval or denial of our location in Beaver…so our idea that their actions were completely out of bounds and an utter waste of time have been confirmed…back to beer.  We are over it.

The S’More contains real chocolate, cinnamon, graham crackers, and marshmallows.  Really good with chicken and waffles.

The Failed Resolution IPA is made with Comet Hops that pack a funky/crazy hop flavor.  Really unique.

Our Cocktail of the week is Pearly Ginger.  Made with Three Bitches Vodka, Pear Nectar, Fresh Ginger, and a hint of Nutmeg.


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S’more is better tapping Friday + Cocktail

We are trying something a bit off the rails this weekend…a S’more beer.  It’s not the first one ever created but we liked the idea and gave it a whirl.

Added real chocolate, graham crackers, a hint of cinnamon, and marshmallows to the mash.   This is a BEER first, not a sweet overly spiced beer.   A few handfuls of smoked malt were added to give it a campfire smell/taste.

We are also doing a S’More Cocktail which to be honest, tastes like a milkshake.   Very  rich.   Chocolate Milk, Vanilla Milk, Chocolate syrup, creamed boubon, vodka, and a graham cracker rimmer with a toasted marshmallow tops it off.


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Watermelon Martini and S’More beer

Nope, no pumpkin beers yet.  Check back in October!

We are on a mission to make 52 different specialty cocktails for 52 straight weeks.  (We hope people will start noticing and we will become a cocktail bar…In Beaver Falls of all places!)

image (1)

To keep the trend going we are doing a Watermelon Jalapeno Honey Basil Martini!  Perfect amount of heat balances the honey and the watermelon just tastes like…watermelon.  It is delicious!

We are also fermenting a S’More beer.  Made with Chocolate, Grahm Crackers, Cinnamon Sticks, and yes, toasted Marshmallows.   Should be here in about a week…we won’t rush it though!

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Soylent Green and French Teamaker De Garde

This weeks cocktail is Soylent Green.  It is NOT MADE FROM PEOPLE.   It is made from Fresh Pressed Cucumbers, Passion Fruit Nectar, Lime and 1681 Vodka.   Makes a very refreshing martini.

We also decided to combine our two most requested blonde ales into one beer.  The French Biere De Garde is made every some and the yeast imparts some really nice flavor to the beer.  The TeaMaker Blonde Ale is made with fresh picked TeaMaker hops which lend to a subtle green tea flavor.

Those hops found their way into our Biere De Garde for a brand new concoction.  Tapping Thursday Night!


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