Our First Barrel Aged beer on tap for Pecan Pie Day!

First time is the charm…I guess that is how it works!

We are tapping our first barrel aged beer on Wednesday and we are VERY pleased with it.  We brewed a strong Belgian Golden Ale (around 10.8% ABV) and tossed it in a Chardonnay Barrel for 58 days and the result is pretty amazing.

Most of it is in bottles, but we have a little bit to go around on tap this week so stop in and give it a try for something totally off the wall!

Beaver Brewing Company Beaver Brewing Barrel Aged beer

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We are open this Wednesday from 4 til 11pm…YES WEDNESDAY for our one day event…Pecan Pie Day!  We make one batch of Pecan Pie each year and release it on the same day…it also runs out that same day making it our most popular beer.

We have some other surprises in store which we are announcing daily on our facebook page which you can visit by clicking www.facebook.com/BeaverBrewingCompany

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Coming in December – Bartender Challenge

In December we will be tapping 3 new beers on one day!  They will all be brewed by one of our bartenders.  Whoever sells all of their beer made at the brewery first wins a cash prize!

They are 3 beers totally thought up by the bartenders themselves….

Nate – Chocolate Hazelnut Stout – Cocoa Nibs, Hazelnut, and rich malt flavors will dominate this one.

Tyler – Birch Beer – Adding some traditional root beer flavoring to a standard porter recipe.

Jason – Irish Red – Traditional, solid, and true to the style Irish Red.

This should be happening in Mid-December so stay tuned!

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Kvass Article and New Beer on Tap this Weekend!

Paste Magazine posted an article this week that featured Kvass and its growth in the fermented beverage market, we also got a few plugs in there as well!


We also are tapping a new beer this weekend!  Our Wheat Based Mosaic Pale Ale.  Mosaic hops pack a wildly catty and fruity aroma and flavor…completely unique.  We decided to use a wheat base for this IPA to make it even more unique, this goes on tap Saturday!

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Green Pepper and Papaya?? Plus Beer Cheese Soup!

Sounds great if it were made into some sort of salsa that would go on top of baked fish. Instead we are putting those flavors into our next beer…The Equinox Pale Ale, made exclusively with Equinox Hops.

Here is the total description of the hops from the grower…

“A pronounced aroma profile with citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics. Specific descriptors include lemon, lime, papaya, apple, and green pepper.”

And let me tell you, this is DEAD ON ACCURATE.   We decided this was a must make single hopped pale ale for a brewery with the tagline “The Home of Being Different”

We also are having Beer Cheese Soup as well this weekend!  The weather is going to suck, so snuggle up to the bar with a hot bowl of Beer Cheese Soup while supplies last!

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Risqué Blonde on tap this weekend!

There is always some sort of Blonde Ale on tap.  We always use the same yeast (we find it pairs perfectly with our I.Porter.A for a Black and Tan), but we constantly tinker with the malts and the hops.

This time around we add Czech Saaz hops for a pleasant aroma and hoppy flavor.

We add mostly 2-Row Malt, and a touch of Pilsner and Wheat malts for a bit of sweetness.  Makes for a very clean easy drinking beer.

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BC Humane Society Fundraiser this weekend!

Donate to the Beaver County Humane Society and get a chance to win a Six-Pack of Beaver Brewing Company 22 Oz. Bombers!

All it takes is 50 cents and you will be entered to win a variety six pack of BBC Bombers. Every quarter put into X-Files (Starting Thursday when we open til close on Saturday) will be donated to the Local Chapter of the Humane Society. The 6-Pack will be given away at random, each entry into the tournament will come with a raffle ticket. The ticket will be drawn and the winner will be notified via email within 1 week of the end of the tournament.

You can enter as many times as you like. The tournament will take place on one machine…The X-Files. It is a high score tournament. The overall high score winner will recieve a Blu-Ray Copy of the X-Files Movie and a BBC T-Shirt! No cash prizes – 100% of the coin-drop will be donated to the Beaver County Humane Society.

This is an IFPA tournament that will award WPPR’s.

Come out, get amped up for the revivial of The X-Files, and make a donation that will help connect pets with loving families in Western PA!

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Chamomile Wheat is Back…and Mead Tasting This Friday!

Just a reminder that Laurel Highland Meadery will be doing a mead tasting at our brewery this Friday!  Event details here https://www.facebook.com/events/1136687113011364/

We are also re-tapping our Chamomile Wheat!  We changed the recipe up a bit, less banana / clove flavor than before and more chamomile was added.  Stop in this weekend to try both!

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Pumpkin Beers are here!!!

Yes, it has finally arrived…the time of the year when drinking pumpkin beers is acceptable!  I know some of you were drinking them in July and may already be sick of them, but I am here to tell you they actually taste better when the leaves are changing.

Another crazy thing about pumpkin beers in….We actually TAP OUR PUMPKIN BEERS IN OCTOBER!  And let me blow your mind…they actually contain REAL PUMPKIN.   Hard to believe, but it is true.

We will have two for your consumption this weekend.

  1. Mashing Pumpkins – Brewed by our bartender, Nate Banks.  It is a stout forward beer.  Chocolaty, roasty, a hint of spice.  VERY dark.
  2. Pumpkin Ale – Screw the crazy names.  This is a straight forward pumpkin beer.  No crazy sweetness or too much spice.  We just made a good beer….and added pumpkins.  There is a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg, but if I didn’t tell you, you may not notice.


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Mead Tasting October 9th with Laurel Highlands and Pumpkin Beers are coming!!!!

Laurel Highland Meadery makes the best mead in PA…I won’t move off that until someone else impresses me this much.  It is the only mead we serve and we are lucky enough to have the meadmakers themselves stop in to the brewery once a year for a tasting.

October 9th from 7-9 they will be in sampling some NEW never before released meads…We are VERY excited.  Info can be found on our facebook event page here


We are also tapping our first Pumpkin beer of the year!  Mashing Pumpkins is brewed by Nate Banks and is a pumpkin stout.  We are tapping another one next week as well!

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