More Kvass, Whiskey Infused Beers and Fresh Hopped beers on the way!

This Thursday we will be tapping some more fresh kvass made with Mint and Lavender.

We also infused some of our Vanilla Bean Caramel Cream Ale with Oak Chips that were soaked in Whiskey.  These should be available next week.

And lastly, we have a new fresh hopped ale that we brewed and should be on tap in the beginning of September.  We used fresh Saaz and Teamaker hops for a really crisp finishing beer.


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Fresh Hopped I.Porter.A on tap this weekend

While we do have the I.Porter.A on just about 52 weeks a year we change it up from time to time…right now we have its’ older, bigger brother, Double I.Porter.A on tap.

For our next tapping of the brewery mainstay we are using fresh hops (meaning they are picked and used in the beer on the same day) in this one.   Freshly picked Cascade and Hallertauer went into the most recent batch.  I find it gives the beer a cleaner bitterness…find out yourself as we tap it on Friday.

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Local Farmhouse Ale brewed With Lemon Peel on tap this week

When I put this in the que for beers to be made this summer I assumed it would be around 90 degrees this week and this would be the perfect thirst quencher…well, the later is true but you’ll have to enjoy it with just sunshine and no heat!

The farmhouse ale is brewed with the last of our locally grown barley.  We also are using hops from our “hop farm” here in Beaver County.  To top it off we added some lemon peels to the fermenter for a hint of citrus.  Goes on tap this Thursday.

Don’t forget about our pinball tournament on Friday, it starts at 8 pm.

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Watermelon Wheat is back!

We decided with the popularity of the first batch of Watermelon Wheat we would go for it again but with a bit more watermelon….its back on tap tonight and it will probably last as long as the last batch so stop in early if you want it!

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Upcoming Events and New (Old) Favorite Beer on tap

This weekend (Saturday) we are having our first 8-bit Tecmo Super Bowl Tourny at the brewery.  Cost is $10 to join.  We will start playing promptly at 6pm.  Details are here.


We Also have a Pinball Tournament to kick off the World Championships at PAPA.  Very fun easy to play format.  Details are here.

Beaver Brewing Pre-Papa Pinball Tourny

Last but not least is a favorite at the brewery, the Double Vanilla Bean Caramel Cream Ale made with a half pound of REAL vanilla beans.  This is being tapped Friday.  We are also experimenting with adding some whiskey soaked wood chips to a few small batches…those should be released in the future…we hope!

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Basil is back!

Yep, that’s right.  Basil is on tap this weekend.  People always ask, “what’s the Basil taste like?”  My answer has been the same since day one “I’ll give you one guess.”

It goes on tap Thursday evening.

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New Cheeseboard…New Beer…New Wine

Every so often we change up things at the brewery and this week we are reinventing our Cheese Board with a subtle change…We are keeping the Sage Derby (That’s never leaving), and the Horseradish but we are adding a Claret Wine Cheddar – Very sharp with a bit of a wine aroma and the other addition is a Havarti Dill that is nice and creamy.

To kick off the new cheese board we have added a few wines from Narcisi Winery in Gibsonia.  Their Sangria, Rosabella, and Peach wines are now in stock.

Lastly we actually have some new beer as well!  Before this our hoppiest beer was our Simcoe Sorachi Ace IPA.  We have topped that one.  Measuring in at 100 IBU’s we have a totally sessionable beer made with Galaxy Hops for bittering which add a huge Grapefruit flavor.   Those are backed up with Citra Hops for Aroma.  The finished product is a hopped up beer that won’t knock you on your ass coming in at 4.9% ABV.

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Closed July 4th

We will be closed Friday but stop back in on Saturday!  Enjoy the day off!

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Great Article from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette!

If you get a chance check out the above link…Nice review of our place as well as my favorite place to grab a bite to eat in the city.

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French Styled Biere De Garde

We make this style of beer with all Strisselspalt Hops which have some of the lowest Alpha Acids in the business (2.4% AA).  What this means is it is NOT a very hoppy craft beer.  This is very similar to a traditional Pilsner made with Ale yeast…

Light and easy to drink!

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