Watermelon Wheat!

Yep…It’s back on tap this weekend!  If you were wondering…yes we add REAL WATERMELON to the beer!

Watermelon Wheat Beer


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Beer Cheese Dip tonight and tomorrow only!

We made some Beer Cheese Dip with a beer I got from my friend in Baltimore, Kasey Turner.  He owns Jailbreak Brewing Company and we used their Welcome to Scoville Jalapeno IPA in our beer cheese recipe…in a word…amazing.  Perfect Combo.

It will be around today and maybe into Saturday…we ran out Thursday night but made more today!


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Dr. Mario Tournament + Roggenbier tapping all weekend!

Our first NES tournament of 2015 will be Dr. Mario…and you can win some Beaver Brewing Swag for participating!  To christen the occassion we will also have our first tapping of our Roggenbier.

It all starts Thursday and ends Saturday night…details below…

WIN BEAVER BREWING SWAG for being awesome at an NES classic! 

This will be our first NES Tournament of the year and it will last all weekend. Starting Thursday the 14th at 4pm until Saturday the 16th at 9:00 pm, no entries can start after 9pm. 

It’s pretty easy…One beer buys you unlimited entries into the tournament. Everyone starts at level 15, fast speed. When your game is over we log your score…Highest score for the weekend wins! (You do not need to be present on Saturday to receive your prize, you can pick them up on a later visit). 

1st Place – Beaver Brewing Company T-Shirt, Hat, and Meowler filled with your favorite beer. 

2nd Place – Hat + a meowler filled with Beer.

3rd Place – Hat

For the first time in 2015 we will be tapping our Roggenbier. We make it about 3-4 times a year but we get requests year round for it. We always describe it as similar to a Hefeweizen but instead of Wheat, we add Rye. Subtly fruity with a hint of spicy Rye in the finish

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English Spring Ale on tap Saturday

Sometimes you want hoppy, sometimes malty, sometimes you need something refreshing.  That’s what our English Spring Ale is.  While it has traditional American IPA hops in it, we shortened the boil and made a very easy to drink (4.2% ABV) spring ale.

Light with a hint of citrus and pine flavor from the hops.  We also added a bit of lemon peel to pair with the English Styled yeast.   Tapping this Saturday!

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SOURDough Kvass available this weekend

We made our first traditional Kvass of the year this week and we are tossing it in bottles for you to enjoy.  While many other breweries across the USA make “Kvass”, I am sure not many make a TRADITIONAL Kvass.  Most US commercial examples are more beer than anything else.

Ours is made very similar to “The Gift of Young Housewives” or if you know Russian, Подарок молодым хозяйкам

Our version comes in at around 1.3% ABV…that’s it.  Your mouthwash at home probably generates more of a buzz then this drink.

So what is Kvass anyway?  Simply put it is a Russian “beer” made from Bread, Lemons, and Raisins.  We make ours very similarly to what a Russian housewife would have done in 1800.

What we have on tap this weekend is made entirely with Sour Dough bread and open fermented (as it should be).  This yields a nice and tart flavor that is quite refreshing.

We only make 15 gallon batches of this so it won’t be around too long!

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2 New Sodas and Double I.Porter.A on tap…Kvass on the way

We went for a very strong Ginger Ale this time around.  A hint of mint was added but this is a dry soda with 2 pounds of ginger included.  We also tried our hand at a creamy orange soda…great for floats!

Lastly, our Double I.Porter.A is on tap this weekend.  It is the regular I.Porter.A recipe, but we double the roasted malts, and add a touch more hops.  This one packs some extreme flavor!  Not that much higher in alcohol as this comes in right around 6% ABV.

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Pear Saison and Double I.Porter.A on the way…

We have a few new beers that will debut in the upcoming weeks.   First will be our Pear Saison.  As soon as either the Antwerp Ale or the Oolong Ale (both are very low) kick we will be tapping our latest concoction.

The beer is a farmhouse styled beer, nice and clovey with a bone dry finish.  While we did use pear nectar (this always sounds better than “juice”) in the beer don’t expect a punch you in the face Pear flavor.  Pear is a delicate flavor, not all that strong.  Since we don’t use those fake flavorings we have to rely on the real deal fruit to add the flavor.    We also used a brand new hop Jarrylo to the batch.  These hops impart a nice fruity pear-like flavor but still add a nice clean bitterness.

The Double I.Porter.A will be on after that…it is the same recipe as our regular I.Porter.A but we double the amount of roasted malts, and add a hint of Citra hops (usually just Columbus and Cascade in there) to the mix.  It comes across more “stoutish” than our regular I.Porter.A.  If not this week it will absolutely be tapped next weekend.

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Enjoy a Golden Shower this weekend at the Brewery!

We are tapping our Australian inspired Golden Shower this weekend at the brewery.  Made with a seasonal Australian styled ale yeast this beer is very clean, a bit malty, slightly bready, and comes in at a highly sessionable 3.9% ABV.

Figured we would change up the name a bit from our initial Australian name…this just fits.

Also tapping The Ryeing Game – A full bodied Pale Ale with lots of Rye malts.  Hopped with Columbus and Summit.

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3 New Beers on the way…

Coming up next weekend (and maybe as early as this Saturday), we will be tapping 3 new beers.

1.  Vanilla Bean Caramel Cream Ale – We bust this one out each Spring and again in the fall.  Very popular Cream ale made with 86 Vanilla Beans…yes, I counted.

2.  The Ryeing Game – Haven’t made this one since 2012…it is a Rye forward beer with plenty of Summit and Columbus hops.  In your face flavor.

3.  Down Under Dirty Blonde – Made with a seasonal Australian yeast, this lowly hopped beer is clean and refreshing with a slight bready flavor malty flavor and aroma.

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Fresh Pop is coming!

While Pop / Soda sales are not the driving force behind the Beaver Brewing Company we are always looking to offer something unique.  I mean our tagline is “The Home of Being Different.”  so we better offer some unique soda as well.  Starting in April we will be serving up some fresh pop at the brewery.  These will be served on draft.

While we will have some staples like Root Beer and Orange Pop, we plan on offering fresh made pop made with REAL ingredients…not flavoring.  Look for an announcement on our first offerings sometime next week!

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