Tee off with our Tea’d off Series and Saisons are Back!

This Thursday we are teeing off our inaugural “Tea’d Off Beer Series” where we infuse beer with Tea.  Our first is our Oolong Ale made with Monkey Picked Oolong ale and a touch of Citra Hops.

If all goes well we will also be tapping our first Saison of the Season…Saison De New Zealand made primarily with Moteuka Hops which pack a Lemon Lime flavor to them.

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Yep, you read that correctly.  We will now be selling stainless steel pint glasses at the brewery.  To kick it off our first Guest Brewed beer from Nate Banks (he is a bartender at the brewery) we will be serving his beer exclusively in the stainless steel cups as long as it stays on tap.

You can buy the cups at the brewery with the Beaver Brewing Company label for $11.  Or you can buy the glass and a pint of any beer you’d like for $15 (and of course you keep the cup!).

By the way the beer Nate made is called “A Clockwork Orange”.  It is a Belgian Witbier with tons of sweet orange peel added to it.

Stainless Steel Pint Glass Beaver Brewing Pint Glass

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Tea’d Off Series

Starting next week (4/24) we will be releasing a Tea’d Off Series Beer each week for 3 consecutive weeks.  We brewed small batches of 3 separate beers where tea plays an integral role in the flavoring.

We will be asking feedback on all 3 and selecting a winner at the end of the series to be brewed again this summer.   We are also doing another little promotion for it…if you get a pint of all three during their release you will get a free pint of whatever beer you would like!

The three beers are as follows:

1. Monkey Picked Oolong Ale – Monkey picked Oolong Tea is one of the more deep and flavorful teas on the market.  Legend has it that Tibetan Monks trained monkeys to pick their Oolong Tea leaves.  They did this so the oils from human hands would not damage the leaves.  We added Oolong tea with a rich and malty beer to bring out the decadent flavor and aroma of the tea.  A hint of Citra Hops were added as a twist of lemon is added to your tea.

2.  Green Tea IPA – Green Tea is the “Kolsch-Styled” beer of the tea market.  Incredibly easy to drink with a distinct taste that is enjoyed but most tea drinkers.  We are adding a high grade Japanese Green Tea to an IPA hopped with the oft forgot Millennium Hop that resembles Nugget with its bittering and aroma properties.

3.  English Breakfast Nut Brown – What’s more royal than English Breakfast Tea?  How ’bout and English Brown Ale.  English Breakfast Tea is Dark, Robust in Flavor, Slightly Spicy with a hint of Ceylon Tea flavor.  This powerful tea will be paired with a style of beer associated for similar robust dark toasty flavors…the Brown Ale.  Lightly hopped and malty.

Don’t forget to try all three for your free pint!  (We will keep track of it at the bar for you)

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Stop in this week and start growing your own hops!  We cut back the rhizomes on the hops we grow and are giving them away for free starting today.  This is first come first served (limit 4 per person).  Cascade and Hallertau are available.

Hop RhizomeCascade Hop Rhizome003

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Fresh Wheat Kolsch on tap and Some Upcoming Beers

We are tapping our last batch of Wheat Kolsch for the year this weekend and we wanted to announce some new beers coming on tap this summer.

We will be bringing back our French Styled Biere De Garde with French Strisselspalt Hops.  To date this was our fastest selling beer.  We are also going to be experimenting with a Pumpkin Saison for the end of summer.

Some new hops are coming out in 2014 and the one that excites me the most is Huell Melon – A new German Hop that packs a Honeydew Melon flavor.

We also will be doing a new brown ale with Oolong Tea.  Keep posted as we release about one new beer a week throughout the year!

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Two new beers on tap…

Our first one is a VERY Hoppy IPA that we actually tapped last Friday – The Simcoe Sorachi Ace IPA.  Simcoe hops pack a very piney flavor in them, Sorachi Ace Hops (from Japan) have a unique Citrus and Dill flavor to them.  This one comes in at around 90 IBU’s – strictly for hop heads.

Our second is an experimental ale – The Malty Mosaic –  We made a Mosaic Pale Ale a few months ago (remember the one that tasted like blueberries and bubblegum?), this one has the same single hop in it, but it now has a rich malty backbone for a fuller body.

Stop in Thursday when we first tap it…made a small batch so it probably won’t be around long!

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“Craft Beer is Expensive”

Can’t tell you how many times I have heard that one…”Never really got into craft beer because it is just too expensive.”

If that is what you think you haven’t searched too hard.  If you look at the picture below how much do you think that is?  You get five 4.5 ounce samples of whatever beer you want at the brewery (right now we have 12 to choose from).  That’s right around 22.5 ounces of beer….when you come to The Beaver Brewing Company you get all of this for exactly $7.00…no drink tax, no extra fees…$7 dollars.  You give us a $10 dollar bill, we give you $3 back.

You can’t buy a Miller Lite from a ballpark vendor for that much!   One of the reasons we expanded the brewpub in downtown Beaver Falls is that we wanted to introduce people to beer that actually tastes like something at a reasonable price.   No beer on tap right now is over $5…most are under that.

If you “think” craft beer is expensive come down and give us a try…we think you will find that it is worth it.

Beaver Brewing Company Sampler Beer Sample Board

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Eating Beaver?

If so this is a great blog to check out…they also wrote a review of the bar!


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More Kvass and Fresh Chamomile Wheat on tap…MARCH MADNESS!

We have some “regulars” back on tap this weekend.  We missed chamomile wheat last week but the new batch is ready to rock and on tap this weekend!

There is also some fresh kvass available for consumption!

We’ll also be watching March Madness all weekend.  Stop in each day to cheer on your favorite team.

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Nelson Sauvin back on Tap this weekend!

Our most popular beer is back on tap this weekend.  It is a simple pale ale made with 100% Nelson Sauvin Hops from New Zealand.  Doesn’t sound like much, a single hopped Pale Ale, but it is easily the most requested beer at the brewery.  If you have missed it that last two months stop in and get your fix this weekend!

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