May 21st – 3 & 6 year anniversary party

Six years ago we started selling growlers in a small space on a back street in Patterson Township…Three years ago we opened the doors to the brewpub in downtown Beaver Falls.

On May 21st we will celebrate both of those with a small “party” at the brewery.

To kick it off we will be releasing three V.I.P. beers that day. All barrel aged, all unique in their own little way.

Since some higher ABV beers will be on tap, a Potato Bar is being set up with all you can eat fries from The Ball Joint. Plenty of fixins for those fries will be on hand as well.

Going to have some other fun stuff there and details will be announced in the upcoming days but we wanted to make sure you marked your calendar in advance!

Check out the event page on Facebook  for a reminder.

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Cinco De Mango this Friday!

We know it’s a bit early for the official celebration, but our first pepper beer is going on tap this Friday.

We brewed a pale ale made with El Dorado hops.  They are fruity and bitter…kind of resembles strawberries on the nose.  Then we added chipotle peppers into the fermenter for a slight smokiness wi a little heat.  Last we added mango purée to our secondary aging process for a sweet finish.

Very nice and refreshing beer to kick off the spring season.

Some new food on the menu as well.  We are adding personal sized pizzas to the menu.  Nothing special, just REAL cheese, sauce, Rosemary, pepperoni, and if you want it some minced garlic.  Also have our veggie wedgie available this weekend as well.




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To the Beaver Falls CDC

Posted this on Facebook, but wanted others to be able to see it.  This is in response to a Beaver County Times article from 4/22 and can be found here.

Found this article a little disheartening and was completely crushed. Beaver Falls CDC wants to renovate the New Tribune building which is great. But there was one particular part the disturbed me.
“The new space could feature a restaurant and possibly a brewery on the first floor, office space on the second floor and event space on the third.”
“One of the issues driving whether a brewery would be created is how relevant that would be in 10 years. The group wants to make upgrades that will make the building a destination for Beaver Falls and surrounding areas.”
There is ALREADY A BREWERY IN BEAVER FALLS THAT BRINGS PEOPLE INTO THE CITY. It is the Beaver Brewing Company and I own it. It has been relevant for 3 years (we are celebrating our first three years in Beaver Falls May 21st) and I plan on making it relevant for decades…not hoping and wondering if it lasts one.
The CDC is planning to invest millions of dollars into a building and create something that ALREADY exists. Let’s not reinvent the wheel, let’s enhance the vehicle the wheel in connected to so it’s runs better.
If you think a brewery would develop the downtown please contact me. I have already personally invested every penny I had into buying a building,gutting it, completely renovating it, and creating a “destination” business. Just yesterday we had people from Delaware, Youngstown, and Michigan.
To the Beaver Falls CDC, your destination business is already in the town. I’m willing to work together to enhance what we already have if you are. I’ve committed both emotionally and financially to the City of Beaver Falls, I’d like to work together to improve what we already have.
I really don’t know where else to post this, but hopefully someone with the CDC sees this. I’ll post it via twitter also and hopefully we can generate a positive discussion.
I do want to let it be known that this was a complete shock and completely disheartening. I know it wasn’t a personal shot at me or the Beaver Brewing Company, but to have a local organization completely disregard years of hard work and dedication to a town from someone local is really a punch in the gut I was not ready for this afternoon.
Your destination business is already here, but more importantly, you have an actual human being that invested all of his money and soul into a business into a downtown Beaver Falls business. There are some of us out there, but not many. Let’s create a culture that brings in more people willing to do that than overlook the great businesses that are already here.
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Barrel Aged I.Porter.A and Circus Peanuts

First off, this Friday we are tapping our Barrel Aged I.Porter.A.  This sat for 3 months in a Wigle Whiskey Rye Barrel.   Personally, I love it.  Draft only.

Second off we are making what we believe is a first in the beer world…a Circus Peanut Beer.  Yes, those retched candies that literally people eat one time, and never again.

One of the great things about brewing at a nano-brewery is you can take crazy (possibly terrible) ideas and put them to practice.   Last week over some beers at the bar Matt, Joe, (two regulars) and I were discussing terrible candy.  There was a disagreement about what Circus Peanuts are supposed to taste like.  Banana?  Cream?  Orange?  Garbage?  Well….the internet told us it was banana.

And then we got talking about Banana flavored Hefeweizen styled beers.   They have that banana-estery aroma/flavor to them.   Then Joe joked “What about a Circus Peanut Beer?”

I thought, “I need to give it a try.”  So the ingr

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Blueberry Farmhouse Saison on Tap!

Celebrate the fact that it won’t snow again for at least 6 months with a delicious Farmhouse Saison brewed with REAL blueberries.

We pride ourselves on making beer with the real ingredients and having that beer taste like the actual ingredient…I know it sounds pretty simple, but MOST beer is “flavored” with something other than the actual fruit.  We don’t do that.

If you want to taste a blueberry, you eat a blueberry…you don’t go to sheetz and get a blue frosty.

So stop in this Thursday, we will be bringing in the Sun and other warm weather with a cool refreshing Spring beer.

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Free Hop Rhizomes and our TeaMaker Hop Project

One of my favorite beers (and the hardest to make) is our Teamaker hopped Blonde Ale.   It is made with easily the rarest hop out there.  So rare that I have NEVER found another beer made with it. Untappd, BeerAdvocate, Google search…nothing popped up.

The hop is really unique.  0.4% Alpha Acid, Green Tea Flavor, almost no bitterness at all.  Subtle, but delicious.

We are looking for some dedicated hop growers out there that will help us grow the hop.  The only ones I have to make the beer grow in my backyard.  To make sure I get enough each year, and to hopefully ensure the some disease doesn’t wipe out my crop, I want others in Beaver County to grow it.  Each fall you bring in your harvest, and we will make the beer with it.  Your payment, a few pints of the Blonde, or a Growler fill.  Your Choice.

We will also be giving away Cascade and Hallertau hops for you to plant as well.  Those too are free to you.

Here is a two minute video talking a bit more about the project.

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Cup of Broadway Joe

It is here…like the unaged version…SUPER SMALL BATCH!   This is an imperial coffee stout (we got the coffee from Hallowed Ground in New Brighton) that has been aged in a Wigle Whiskey Bourbon Barrel.

Hate to break it to you, but it is pretty awesome and I don’t think it will be on tap very long.  We are tapping Thursday night.  Draft only, no growlers.

Also unveiling a Easter Based wedgie sandwich for the weekend as well!

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New Hummus Plate for St. Patty Day!

New Hummus Plate!  Garlic / Chive Hummus with carrots, cheesy bread, and chips!  Also tapping The Brown Note for the first time in 2016 on Friday.


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March Madness Special!

Wear Pitt Gear to the brewery and we will give you $5 off a growler fill! Stop in this Friday while the Pitt NCAA hoops game is on (Approx Tip off is for 6:50 pm) and we will take $5 off your 64 oz growler fill!

If you stay to watch the game and Pitt wins…we will buy you a beer!

Can be a hat, shirt, jacket…anything as long as it is Pitt Apparel we will accept it!


All of this would go perfect with our St. Pattys Day Wedgie…which we are having again this week.

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St. Patty Day Wedgie!

We are adding the St. Patty Day Wedgie to the menu this weekend.  Horseradish Cheese, Corned Beef, and Kraut (you can sub in onions if you want) toasted on our yummy bread.

Goes PERFECTLY with Reaching The Summit which will be tapped Thursday night.

This is also your last chance to grab a “Cup of Broadway Joe”, our Imperial Coffee Stout…it is running VERY LOW!

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