Barrel Aged Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale + Valentines Day Weekend

You read that correctly.  We took our most popular beer and aged it in a Chardonnay Barrel for about 100 days.  The hop already imparts a bit of a white grape flavor and aroma.

The Oak barrel adds some rich smoothness, and the chardonnay flavor really accentuates the hop fully.   On Draft only!

As a tradition, we will be doing beer floats again this weekend.  Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout and your choice of Vanilla or Banana (it’s awesome) Ice Cream!

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Wedgies, Hummus, Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer, and Pinball….this weekend!

We have a new wedgie we are doing this weekend (if you have never had one it is kinda like a panini).  It is the Veggdie – Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and Havarti Cheese.  Also going to have some sort of Hummus and Chips.

We also just tapped of Vanilla Bean Caramel Cream Ale AGED IN BOURBON BARRELS last week,  Forgot to post it here but it is live!

Lastly, you can join the Pittsburgh Pinball League…FOR FREE!  If you have never joined you can sign up for free (usually $20) and play in our league night on Friday.  Lots of fun and a great way to meet new people.

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Easy Going Blonde on Tap this Thursday

We always like to have some sort of Blonde Ale on tap at all times.  Each time we make a batch we put a small tweak into it, just to keep it fresh. (And to allow all you beer nerds to check in another beer on untappd)

This time expect a clean bready finish as we used a new Dutch Pilsner malt for a really different taste.  Has a Kolsch-Like finish but with some traditional Pilsner-like malt flavor.  Really great with the I.Porter.A for a Black and Tan!

On tap this Thursday….and yes…we still have Peanut Butter on tap!

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Dark…Chocolate…Peanut Butter…Stout…

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  This Friday we are tapping the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout made with….get this….REAL PEANUT BUTTER AND REAL CHOCOLATE!  It’s an insane concept, but we are weird like that.

This is REALLY Peanut Buttery…I mean if you don’t like Peanut Butter, you should pass on this one.  But if you DO like Peanut Butter (and who the hell doesn’t?), this is your beer.  On tap for a limited time!  We only make this for the winter months.

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Tapping the Roggenbier this weekend!

We are going to ring in the New Year with one of the more requested beers at the Brewery…our Roggenbier.

Simply put, a Roggenbier is a Hefeweizen…but instead of Wheat, you add Rye.   You get all of those estery, fruity, and yeasty aromas you normally get in a Hefeweizen, but you also get some spicy notes from the Rye.

It is one that is easy to come back to as the ABV is only 3.9%.   We make it about 3 times a year so stop in this weekend.

We made a video last year about the Roggenbier is if want some tips on how to brew one!

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Open Saturday December 26th!

We will be closed for the birthday of Jesus as well as Christmas Eve.  We will however be open (With plenty of Harmonist Schwarzbier) on Saturday December 26th!

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Harmonist Schwarzbier is back!

This Saturday we are tapping one of our regulars favorite seasonal beers…The Harmonist Schwarzbier.

Last year Old Economy Village commissioned us to recreate a beer from an early 1800’s recipe that the Harmonist Society made for decades. The result is a pretty damn awesome beer. It is in fact a “Black Beer”, which is the German to English translation of “Schwarzbier”. Not Hoppy our roasty like a stout, and a bit more of a lager flavor than a porter. Truly a unique beer.

This is the perfect “easy drinker” at under 5% ABV and doesn’t crush your palate like some other holiday beers.

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Bartender Challenge Starts Friday!

It is here!  A new record for the brewery, we are tapping three new beers this Friday.  Each one was made by one of our bartenders…first one to sell all of their beer wins a cash prize!

The List:

Jason: an Irish Ale, very clean and malty…easy to drink at 5% ABV.

Tyler: a birch beer bursting with sarsaparilla, birch, and creamy goodness. A beer first birch beer which is something I completely endorse.

Nate: Chocolate Hazelnut Porter. If you liked Mashing Pumpkins, you already know Nate knows what he is doing. This is no exception…


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We made the list!

We have a small, but relevant feature in Food & Wine magazines 50 Amazing Nanobreweries in 50 States list!

We also are getting close to annoucing our “Bartenders Challenge” which starts next weekend!


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Our First Barrel Aged beer on tap for Pecan Pie Day!

First time is the charm…I guess that is how it works!

We are tapping our first barrel aged beer on Wednesday and we are VERY pleased with it.  We brewed a strong Belgian Golden Ale (around 10.8% ABV) and tossed it in a Chardonnay Barrel for 58 days and the result is pretty amazing.

Most of it is in bottles, but we have a little bit to go around on tap this week so stop in and give it a try for something totally off the wall!

Beaver Brewing Company Beaver Brewing Barrel Aged beer

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