Announcing the “Bartender Challenge 2018”

We are kicking off our bartender challenge the weekend of February 16th!  Each bartender gets to design their own beer, make it, and serve it at the brewery.  The winner gets a secret prize!

This is what we will be tapping:

Jason – Coffee Cream Ale – made with coffee from Hallowed Grounds in New Brighton.

Matt – Strawberry / Kiwi Gose –  he technically made two beers.  A kiwi gose, and a strawberry gose.  You mix them to your liking!

Josh – East Coast IPA – way over the top hopped IPA, no balance…all bitterness.  Made exclusively with Huell Melon hops

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MORE BARRELS and Moscow Mules

Liberty Pole Spirits

We just got a shipment of Peated Bourbon Barrels from Liberty Pole Spirits in today!  Going to age a Scottish ale in them and see just how much Smokey Peat Flavor we can extract!

We are also doing our Moscow Mules this weekend.  Fresh Made ginger soda, lime, and vodka.  NO SUGAR ADDED. Just a great tasting beverage

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New Year…New Beer! Plus hot cocktails!

We are adding to the Beer Lineup in our Beaver Location and tapping a few kegs of it at Beaver Falls as well.  Out of Saison is a blueberry saison aged for one month on Blueberries.  Completely not a winter beer but you need something to distract you from the cold.

I think it’s cold enough to bust out our hot drink cocktail menu…here’s what to expect for 2018…

NEW HOT COCKTAIL MENU THIS WEEKEND! Plus all hot cocktails are $1 off this weekend!

Some New Additions…

– Reese’s Cup: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Liqueur, Coffee. This is pretty Damn Amazing. My pick for best selling hot cocktail of 2018

– Sinnabon: Cinnabon Coffee, Spiced Rum, Whipped Cream, Cinnamon.

– Absinthe Minded: Absinthe based coffee drink.

– I’ve got a Cold, I want a drink: Gin, Honey, Green tea, lemon wedge.

And yes…our Andy’s Candy hot cocktail is back!


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Absinthe Cocktails!

Yes, we have the REAL stuff made with Wormwood.  Making a traditional Sazerac and a Monkey Gland…it’s OJ, Gin, Absinthe, and a bit of Wigle Bitters.  Very tasty.

Next week we will be tapping a new…totally out of season beer!  Stay tuned!

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Three New Barrel Aged Beers and $12 growler fills of our most popular fill Up!

Say Merry Christmas this year with Beer!

We are doing a take on the Charles Dickens classic Christmas tale and releasing three separate Barrel Aged beers right before Christmas.

Beer of Christmas Past – Wyoming Whiskey Barrel Aged smoked Maple Porter. The beer is not smoked, however the Maple was and it imparts a subtle smoke flavor to the beer.

Beer of Christmas Present – Rum is pretty hip right now and so is coconut. We put our coconut stout into a rum barrel and forgot about it for the last six months.

Beer of Christmas Future – Barrel Aged Gin? Yes, it is a thing…a wonderful thing. Only way to make it better is to pack a nice Eureka Hopped IPA into it…pretty much carbonated Gin with a beer chaser.

Also running a special on this years most sold growler fill…our Black and Tan will be only $12 to fill all weekend!

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The Harmonist Schwarzbier is back!

Three years ago Old Economy Village shared the “House” beer recipe of the Harmonist Soceity with us to recreate the beer for them.

After someone that knew Swabic German a bit better than I translated it, “The Harmonist” was created.  It’s so good we now make it annually and this Saturday we plan on tapping.  The recipe is from the mid 1800s and had origins in Germany.

The result is a wonderfully delicious and easy drinking “black beer”.  We describe it as a hybrid between a black lager and a light porter.  Lightly hopped and not all that roasty considering the color.

Only around once a year so get it while it is here!

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PECAN PIE DAY 2017 This Wednesday November 22nd!

Every year we make our Pecan Pie Beer that is available for ONE DAY (usually).  It’s a brown ale made with REAL pecans, brown sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  It is easily our most popular beer usually selling out on Wednesday.   We do sell growlers, however once we start getting low on the beer we cut them off.  Usually around 8-9 pm.


This year we also have some pretty cool dessert shooters.  Highly recommend them.  Lower alcohol (for a shooter at least) and great to do with a few friends.  I mean it is Thanksgiving so hanging out with friends and family is a good idea.

If you want a reminder hit up our Facebook Event Page and say you’re going for a friendly reminder via the interweb.

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What’s New? What’s Coming?

The Gose Experiment worked out nicely and we are going to rotate between the Raspberry Gose and the Passionfruit gose on a regular basis!  Always going to try and have AT least one sour beer on tap.

We also tapped a new beer last week that has been very popular, ESB After Dark.  An Uber malty ESB that is incredibly drinkable…goes wonderfully with food.

Going forward we will have more barrel aged beer available.  We have a Juniper Berry IPA in a Gin Barrel, a Maple Porter in a whiskey Barrel, and some wine and rum barrels that will get a workout as well!

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ESB After Dark

Tapping a completely new brew this Friday….ESB After Dark.  We are doing a classic English Bitter but added a ton more roasted malt for a very malt forward English Styled Ale.

Also tapping our Habanero Cider called “Heartburn”.  It’s SPICY!

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We will be tapping THREE new Gose styled beers over the next week.  Today we tap our Traditional Gose as well as our Passion of The Gose.   A Passionfruit infused Gose which is out of this world.

Next week we are also tapping a Raspberry Gose which tastes more like a Raspberry Soda!  We went heavy on the Raspberry to say the least!  Pictured below is the Gose aging on the Raspberries.

raspberry gose

There will be a concerted effort to have a Gose on tap throughout the year so we had to test a few varieties…ALL SUPER SMALL batches!  So if you want to try it, come and get it!


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