Craft Soda back on tap this weekend!

You’d be surprised how many people have said “I CAN’T GET A ROOT BEER FLOAT!?!”, the last few weeks.

Well, this Friday we should have that problem fixed.   We are going to have the Root Beer back, and we also welcome back our Ginger Pear Soda.  Made with ALOT of fresh ginger and Pear Nectar…lightly sweetened with Coconut Sugar.

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Tribute to Low ABV beers is this weekend!

Sure, that 12% ABV Russian Imperial Stout is pretty good…however you lost your pants and called your wife your girlfriends name the last time you had drank it.

At the brewery we like to celebrate all beer.  This weekend we pay homage to the red-headed step child of craft beer…the low alcohol beer.

Three of our beer come in around 4% ABV or lower.

Our French Biere De Garde is REALLY clean…almost pilsner like beer.  I like to describe it as very “beer like”.  Clean, not malty, not hoppy, a bit floral, but very beer.  Easiest drinker out there.

The Brown Note is a very flavorful and malty beer and I always challenge people to drink a brown ale with more flavor than this one that has an ABV under 4%.

And this Friday we will be tapping our 70 Schilling Scottish Ale.  A nice toasty smooth drinking beer.  Strong malt forward beer that accentuates the malt flavor and has a crisp hop finish.

Get a “mini” three beer sampler of all them for just $4 starting Friday!

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Wild Ale and Kvass fans…you time has arrived…

The most requested beer I get at the brewery is our Wild Ales.  A “Wild Ale” is brewed with Wild Yeast…meaning whatever is floating in the air ferments your beer.   This creates a very tart/sour beer.

Our base was a Lavender Kvass made with Russian Black Bread.

We made a VERY small batch of this so get it this weekend…we can’t promise it will be around longer than that.

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Brown Note starts pouring Thursday 7/9/15

One of my personal favorite beers at the brewery will be pouring this weekend.  The Brown Note is an English Brown made with a unique seasonal malt which adds an incredibly unique “Brown” flavor to the beer.

I always describe it as “picture a macro brewed brown ale…now add flavor…and reduce the ABV.”   The Brown Note comes in only at 3.8% ABV and I challenge you to find a maltier flavored beer at that same ABV.

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July 4th Hours

We will be open July 4th for limited Hours from 4-6 PM.  If you want to fill up a growler for tonight’s fireworks or bring in an out of town friend in for a brew we will be open!  We will also conduct a tour at 6pm if anyone is interested.

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Free Flip Friday!

This Friday July 3rd we are ringing in our country’s independence by putting all of our pinball machines on free play!

Come in and get some watermelon wheat, ginger saison, or any of our 13 beers on tap and flip til your fingers hurt!

Great way to get some practice in…and as an added bonus…if you get a Grand Champion #1 score on any of our machines we will buy you a beer!

Pinball Beaver Falls

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Two Year Anniversary this weekend!

Well, technically we have been in business for longer than that, but we are celebrating two years in our Beaver Falls location this weekend!

Never did I think our first two years would be this successful.  We brewed significantly more beer in our second year than our first and each week we get new fans of the brewery which is great to see.

There won’t be any fancy events for this…we anticipated making it two years (Although many people told me I’d be lucky to make it six months) and we anticipate making it many more.

We will however take the opportunity to thank all of our patrons with a few special deals this weekend.

First – We are tapping a new beer to kick off the thanks (we do this every week but this one is SPECIAL).  One of our regulars (Ian) had the idea for a really punch you in the mouth Ginger Saison…so that’s what we did…we added 7 pounds of Ginger to our latest saison and to say thanks, we are taking a $1 off a pint all weekend.  I get ideas from patrons all of the time and while most small business owners hate to hear “Ya know what you need to do,” I actually enjoy it.

Second – We couldn’t have made the move to a new building without the support of our early fans.  Without your feedback over the years we never would have been able to make this happen.  So to say THANKS to the early fans of Beaver Brewing, I mean the Patterson fans of Beaver Brewing, we are offering $5 off a fill (1 per customer) if you bring in your old school growler (the old glass ones) with a Beaver Brewing logo on it.

Again, thank you for all the past support and your continued support.  I greatly appreciate it!

- Dan Woodske

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Obnoxiously Hopped IPA on Tap this Friday!

I am pretty sure we haven’t done the same IPA twice at the brewpub since we opened in Beaver Falls 2+ years ago.  To keep up with that trend we are tapping the Obnoxiously Hopped IPA this Friday.

Guess what, it’s hoppy.  I think the name says it all.  We added nearly 3 pounds of hops to this batch…A mixture of Galaxy and Citra hops went into the boil and we dry hopped it with Galaxy for a potent aroma and flavor.

If you are a citrusy hoppy beer fan, Friday should be your drinking day this weekend.

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Balls, Brews, and Cruise!

This Saturday is Balls, Brews, and Cruise at the brewery!  The Beaver Falls Car Cruise is Saturday June 13th.  We open our doors at 11:30 and stay open a bit later than our normal 10pm to accommodate the car cruise crowd.

We also are serving The Ball Joint at the brewery!  Our favorite BF eatery is moving the operation into the brewery for the day so you’ll be able to eat up all the balls you can handle!

Stop in for the fun, food, beer, and of course the cars!


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French Biere De Garde coming back soon

One of the more popular beers at the brewery is coming back this week or next (as soon as the Golden Shower kicks).  The French Biere De Garde is a very clean beer made with a seasonal yeast and 100% French Strisselspalt Hops.  It provides a smooth, almost creamy, floral beer.  Not hoppy at all, and perfect for hot weather.

Check us out on or on twitter @beaverbrewing to find out EXACTLY when we tap it.

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