Fresh Pop is coming!

While Pop / Soda sales are not the driving force behind the Beaver Brewing Company we are always looking to offer something unique.  I mean our tagline is “The Home of Being Different.”  so we better offer some unique soda as well.  Starting in April we will be serving up some fresh pop at the brewery.  These will be served on draft.

While we will have some staples like Root Beer and Orange Pop, we plan on offering fresh made pop made with REAL ingredients…not flavoring.  Look for an announcement on our first offerings sometime next week!

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When it isn’t on tap…everyone wants it…

That seems to be the story with our Chamomile Wheat.  Whenever it is on tap it is our slowest moving “regular” beer.  Whenever we don’t have it, everyone wants it.

Well starting 3/26 it will be back on tap!  Fresh batch, delicious as ever.

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Reaching the Summit is back and Gose bottles are ready

It’s been over two years since the last time we bottled a beer and we figured there is no better beer to get back into bottling than the Gose.  We have a bit on tap, but the other 94 bottles worth of the beer are on sale this weekend.  They are in 22 ounce bombers.

We also have Reaching the Summit back on tap as well.  This is probably the second most requested beer we get from regulars when it isn’t on tap.  A traditional British Pale Ale made exclusively with Summit hops.

Chamomile Wheat will also be back once something kicks!


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My least favorite beer…Wild Ale #11 hits taps this weekend

Saying our Wild Ales are my least favorite is probably the nicest thing I will say about them.   I never liked wild beers because they are exactly what happens when beer goes bad.  It gets sour and tart.

While I hate this, others love it.

And our WILD ALE IS TRULY WILD.  We let the bacteria and wild yeast in the air ferment this bad boy for a true Beaver Falls flavor.

If sours are your thing, make a trip to the brewery this weekend.  It rarely stays on tap for more than 5 days in total.

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Two new beers on Tap this weekend…

Thursday night we are tapping our Gose.  This is a style of beer that is very sour and also salty.  Yes…it is supposed to taste like that.  Most of the beer found its way into bottles, however we have a few kegs available now.  The bottles should be ready by the end of March.  There will be 90 of the bottles for sale.

Second up is our Mosaic and Citra hopped IPA I like to call “Pace Yourself”.  Doesn’t seem all that boozy but it does clock in at 7.6% ABV.  Nice fruity hoppyness.

Next week we will have MORE new beer as well!


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Jarryol Hops

- “Banana, Pear, Orange and Spicy” 

That’s the description for this new hop…and we are lucky enough to grab a few to brew with!  This is one of those ones you probably won’t find anywhere else locally let alone the state so stay tuned…we should be tapping a single hopped Jarryol Pale Ale some time this Spring!

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Bottles are coming back in a big way…

It has been over three years since we bottled a beer.  We are changing that in 2015.  In March (hopefully), our first bottled beer will be released.   It will be a Gose (pronounced ‘Goes-Uh’).  It is a sour beer (meaning it is brewed with bacteria to create sourness) that has salt added.  Truly unique and twisted.

We should have about 150-200 bottles but that is it.  When they are gone, they are gone.

This however will not be the only bottled beer of 2015.  We hope to do several other sour beers this Spring and Summer.  We will also keep back a few bottles from each batch to do a 12 pack case of weird sour beers in the fall.

Check back in Mid-March to see where our progress is and to reserve your bottle!

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Caramel Banana Winter Wheat takes over this Thursday!

I couldn’t decide between Winter Wheat or Caramel Banana Wheat so damnit anyway I am going to call it both.

A very cloudy dark wheat beer made with copious amounts of Caramel malt for a sweet malty backbone and we upped the temperature on our Hefeweizen yeast to release some super banana and clove aromas to the beer.   I like it and I think you will too.  It is highly sessionable at 4.4% ABV.

On tap Thursday with another new arrival…Arsenal Cider Ginger Cider!  Good stuff, this one seems significantly more ginger flavored than  I remember.

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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout Floats on Tap for Valentines Day

It was a hit last year so we are bringing back the Dark Peanut Butter Stout with Ice Cream!  You may ask yourself, Beer and Ice Cream?  Do those go together?  Let me help, yes.  Yes they do.

My personal favorite combo is Banana Ice Cream but we will have two other surprise flavors for your choosing.   Available this weekend only!

Peanut Butter Stout Float

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Harmonist Schwarzbier is back!

We brewed a beer based off of the Harmonists from Old Economy Village earlier this winter and were surprised at how big of a hit it was.  So when something is popular, we bring it back….

This Friday we again are tapping the Harmonist.  It is a Black beer, not hoppy, a tough sweet, somewhat of a lager taste to it.  Also low alcohol comparative to other craft beers at 4.2% ABV.

If you are interested in learning more about the beer, Bob Batz from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote a great article about it in December.

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