About Beaver Brewing Company & FAQs

Beaver Brewing Staff hanging out with local legend at the bar.

Beaver Brewing Staff hanging out with local legend at the bar.

“The Home of Being Different”

While we could get all wishy washy about the meaning of life, we will keep it short and simple. We’re different…when you walk into our place it will not be like any other brewery you’ve ever been too…and we pride ourselves on that. From the decor (we have a Halloween III Movie Poster hanging up), to our Beer (We make beer with Basil and another with Circus Peanuts), we try to give you an experience you won’t get anywhere else. We hope you like it, but if not, that’s ok too.


Q: What food do you have?

A: We don’t have regular food times or menus. We do however offer pulled pork and other smoked offerings throughout the year on special dates. It’s pretty damn awesome so check the social media for announcements. WE ALSO LOVE WHEN PEOPLE BRING IN LOCAL FOOD! There are a half dozen AWESOME places to eat within a 2 mile radius of the brewery and a few within 300 feet.

Q: Do you have / fill growlers?

A: We don’t have growlers in stock, however we will fill anyone else’s growler with our beer.

Q: Do you can?

A: Yes! We sell them at the brewery an online. Online sales are only to PA residents.

Q: Do you have live entertainment? Bands?

A: Never. While we appreciate music (We usually have George Michael, Justin TImberlake, Jamiroquai, or Tribe Called Quest playing), we really have tried to keep the place chill and about hanging out with friends in an easy to converse environment.

Q: Are you dog friendly?

A: In the summer, kinda. You are free to sit outside with your pet. But no animals (outside of service dogs) are allowed in the brewery.