About The Brewery

We aren’t a microbrewery…we are an artisan NANO-brewery.   Beaver Brewing Company (TM) has a 1.5 Barrel system that ensures that every beer is LITERALLY hand crafted.  Every batch is tested before it is bottled to make sure you are getting the freshest and best tasting beer money can buy.

Do you have Growlers?

Absolutely.  We have glass ones, and Stainless Steel for the true craft beer enthusiast.

Do you use extracts in your beer?

NEVER!  We use 100% Grains in our beer.  If your beer is flavored, for example our Basil Ale, it is flavored with REAL fresh basil.  Not dried out leaves and never an extract.

This beer sounds like something that might interest me…where can I get it?

At the brewpub!  We sell at the brewpub in Beaver Falls and also at our Beaver Location.

Is your Beer Vegan?

All beer is Vegan right?  You would think, but it actually isn’t.  To be honest, quite a bit of Beer is NOT Vegan.  At Beaver Brewing we don’t use any Honey for flavoring or any animal proteins to help drop the yeast.  So yes, our Beer is animal free.  (I’m going to make a bet that less than 25% of the people that read this have no idea what being Vegan is but I feel that it is important anyway.)  Read about more about Vegan Friendly Beer.  http://www.barnivore.com/beer/1228/Beaver-Brewing-Company

Who does your distributing?

We self distribute for now.  So if you want the beer please email me at dan@beaverbrewingcompany.com


Can I give you an idea for Beer?

Always!  If you have an idea for a beer or are an avid homebrewer drop me an email dan@beaverbrewingcompany.com, and let’s shoot some ideas around.  We may have your beer in kegs the next month!

Can I check out your Brewery?

Sure, we do brewery tours each Saturday and sign ups start when we open.

Do you do Bottles?

Yes, but not many and not all of the time.

Can you Ship me your Kvass?

No.  I cannot.  True Kvass stays fresh for about 5 – 8 days.  We don’t keep any of it for longer than a week and serve it ONLY at the brewery.  (A week doesn’t pass that someone doesn’t ask!)

12 Responses to About The Brewery

  1. Trey says:

    Congratulations. I just heard about your brewery opening, and wanted to send you a personal note. I am very excited that another brewery is opening near the Pittsburgh area! I am an avid craft beer enthusiast (getting close to 1,500 difference craft beers) and an avid homebrewer. I’d love to come up, meet you, chat about some beers, and watch your brew setup.

    Again, congratulations and I look forward to meeting you!

  2. Andrea Foley says:

    Congratulations, Dan!!!!!!! Boy, too bad Grandpap isn’t still around…..he would have made a great taste tester for your brewery! Good Luck with this venture!

  3. Aunt Sue says:

    Really impressed with your website. Also, you are using beer terms I have never heard before.

  4. Dan:

    I am doing a story on craft beers and would like to talk to you about Beaver Brewing.
    Give me a call at 412-320-7852 or 412-480-5336 (cell).
    Or drop me a line and let me know where and when I can call you.


  5. Congrats on the new Brewery Dan! I’m looking forward to tasting some of the brews and giving you some reviews as well. I have just started a new blog that talks about both Craft Beers as well as Cigars. I have posted about the 427 this morning.
    I’m located in the Northeast section (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area) of Pa.
    Do you plan to distribute into this area and if so, I may have the perfect place that your beers can call home, and they would be in good company. Drop me an e-mail and we can chat further. Looking forward to hopefully getting my hands on a bottle or six of the 427 as well, it sounds AMAZING!!!
    Again, Good Luck with the new venture and cheers Dan!!


    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Sorry, I won’t be getting out there until I get some sort of expansion going on here.

  6. Archie Robinson says:

    Dan, I just seen the article in the paper and I’m very pleased to hear of your brewery , I’m dying to check it out on sat. For the growlers , out and about now and taking a drive by hope your there.

  7. Justin says:

    Hi Dan,

    Congratulations on bringing back a brewery to Beaver County. I haven’t had a chance to try all of your crafts yet. Within the past couple weeks was the first time I tried one of your beers. I had the Chamomile Wheat at the Back Door Tavern in Fallston, PA. I’d have to say it was a bit sour for my taste along with some fellow patrons at the bar. You may have a large following with other people but it definitely wasn’t the beer for me. My suggestion would be to use less chamomile and add a little more honey. I am not posting to put your beer down by any means, just to offer a suggestion! I look forward to trying your other beers and wish you great success!!

    – Justin

  8. Kevin B says:

    Hi Dan! It’s exciting to see another local nano opening it’s doors and turning on the burners. I just sent you an email with a few questions. Anyway, good luck with the brewery and hope to hear back from ya soon!

  9. Mike P says:

    Sorry if I missed it on her but is your beer available by the case? Also, any chance you guys are making it up to Brewski Fest at 7 Springs this year?

    Mike P

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Not yet on the cases. The 724 will be in bottles and cases and I am hoping that is available in August/September. Not making it to the 7 Springs event either 🙁 Too bust making beer! Thanks.

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