Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale

The Nelson Sauvin is easily the most popular beer at the brewery…when it’s on tap, it doesn’t last long!

This is an extremely rare beer to find because of the hop.  This is a single hopped beer with only the Nelson Sauvin in there to showcase its’ crazy unique taste and aroma….The best way to describe the taste is a Sauvignon Blanc…that is correct…wine!    You have to try it yourself to believe it.

This beer popped its’ head in early 2012 as a Boys @ The Lab Series one-off but was so popular that we decided to add it to the full-time lineup….except I couldn’t get the hops!

Only about 4% of the hops grown in New Zealand (the home of this hop variety) are the Nelson Sauvin hop so it is hard to track down…luckily after 1 month straight of phone calls, emails, begging, and everything else I could do, Matt over at Karl Strauss Brewing hooked me up with this elusive hop.  Now you can expect this in the full-time lineup!

Since then we have secured a contract to get the hops through 2015!  This will be a regular on tap at the brewery.

ABV: 6.5%

If you want something truly unique, ask for the Nelson Sauvignon Blanc combo!  We will serve you a sample of Nelson Sauvin with The Pittsburgh Winery’s Sauvignon Blanc!

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