Unique beer is the hallmark of the Beaver Brewing Company.  So I really don’t have a “Flagship” beer.   I do have 3 “year round” beers…I.Porter.A, Basil, and Chamomile Wheat.  I have plenty of “seasonals” but I really believe if the beer is good, you can drink it all year long.  We are always changing it up, rarely brewing the same beer twice in a month, so check our What’s on Tap page to see what we are pouring right now!

Roll over the “Beers” link above here and each beer I have has a description with it so you know what you are getting into.  Check out the boys at the lab series beers for a list of 1-off beers I have done and sold at the brewery in growlers.

I try to focus on styles you may not have had or usually don’t bump into.

I will have a few small release beers like the 724 and KVASS so check back regularly to see what I got in store.

The Beaver thinks these are pretty “Dam” good, so please drink responsibly.

4 Responses to Beers

  1. Nate says:

    I just had your Chamomile Wheat at 1810 Tavern last weekend and was pretty impressed. Congrats on starting the brewery. I love trying new local (well I live in Cleveland now but was in the area visiting my family) beer. Good luck. I am really interested in home brewing and am curious to learn your story, how you got started, etc.

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Thanks for the note, glad you enjoyed the beer.

      I just started home brewing a few years ago and figured the region needed a microbrewery to start getting some unique beers out on the market so I figured I would give it a whirl! Operation is super small but it gives me the freedom to do however much I really want. Always looking for a crazy beer recipe so if you ever do anything you want to share let me know. Thanks!

  2. Archie Robinson says:

    Dan, just stopped by got a growler of basil, and came home and sampled it , wish I had got two of them now.

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