COMING SEPTEMBER 2011 – All 724 bottles of it…

7 Hop Varieties, 2 Hour Boil, 4 Malts – A tribute to the area code of Beaver Brewing Company.  This will be our only bottled beer…I’ll give you 1 guess as to how many bottles I’ll be making…yep, 724.  They will all be individually #’d out of 724.  So when you drink bottle 37, it’s gone forever.

If you can guess correctly all the hops in the beer you get a free case!   Look for this in the late summer.

I plan on doing this annually.

2 Responses to 724

  1. Joe Ondrusek says:

    So did anyone guess the 7 hops?

    If not, can you give us a clue and can we make one guess each day?

    Usually, I’m just a light beer drinker but I’m always up for trying something new!! I’m hoping to stop by this Saturday to do some tasting and purchasing. I’m intrigued by the flavors your brewing and to see how you operations work.

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Not yet! Only one guess per email address. I hope to have it released in the late summer.

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