Saison De Beaver

Saison This summer seasonal will be available from June through September.

Saison translates to “Season” in English.  Farmers across Europe would make Farmhouse Ales for the summer months for a few reasons…

Most importantly it was a “big” beer.  They added “extreme” amounts of hops and malt to have a beer that wouldn’t spoil in the hot summer months.  The hops were usually very low in Alpha Acid content so the beer was not overly bitter.  It was considered a strong beer for the time even though it topped out at 4% ABV.

ABV: 5.8%

Malts: Pilsner, Wheat, and White Wheat

Hops: Nobel Hops – Tettnang & Hallertau

If you want a good read about the History of Farmhouse Ales and also the method in which they are made I would HIGHLY recommend this book.