What’s on Tap?

Updated 12/30/17

Rum Barrel Aged Coconut Stout

Whiskey Barrel Aged Maple Porter

Gin Barrel Aged IPA

Beaver Falls Boilermaker


FRIDAY THE XIVth – Barley Wine – Bottles only.

Nelson Sauvin

Irish Blonde

Chamomile Wheat


Black & Tan

Fresh Made Pop – Ginger honey

12 Responses to What’s on Tap?

  1. Mike B says:

    Where are you located? Would love to come see your setup and talk about brewing started out brewing 1 year ago fell in love with it and on batch 19-20? Am very interested in startup costs anseveral other items.

    Cant wait for the growlers,
    Mike B.

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      The Nano-Brewery is in Patterson Township. I’d be happy to give you the tour sometime!

  2. Megan Seastedt says:

    Hi Dan!
    I just came across your brewery via BA. I was excited to see there’s a brewery popping up in beaver county. I don’t live in the SW PA region anymore, but I do make visits often, so I’m stoked to stop in when you have open hours. I moved back to WNY to work at Southern Tier Brewing Co. http://www.southerntierbrewing.com/index2.html Have you tried any of our brews? If you haven’t, maybe we can do some beer swapping. Your brews sound quite interesting! Good luck with your adventure!
    Megan Seastedt

  3. randy pavlinich says:

    dan, tom shared with me that you stopped in the office yesterday. congratulations on the business and i wish you well. i do stop at the backdoor and i will give your brew a try.

  4. Ryan W. says:

    Dan, I’m pretty excited to see your plans come to fruition with the opening of the brewery…not to mention the fact that I love beer and from what I’ve tasted already (I.Porter.A.), Beaver County is getting a great brewery. Congrats and keep the great beer flowing.

    Two questions though: Is your beer available for personal consumption yet? If so, where is it sold?

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      It is available. Best places for it close to you are 1810 Tavern and the Back Door…sometimes its at Hollywood Gardens. Should be in more in the next few weeks….I ran out of inventory!

  5. Frank Younker says:

    Dan, any chance to come over to Butler County ( Cranberry area) maybe the new Buffalo Wild Wings that is opening, Or maybe the Harmony Inn, in Harmony? I think the wife would love the Wheat, and I would love to try the IPA.

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Damn good idea. I have a few places in the works, but have to crank up production first! I will post here when I get it under control. Thanks for your interest! I really think the Chamomile Wheat will take off this spring and summer (it will be available for “wide” release in mid-march), and I hope to get that into more bars!

  6. Renee Bork says:

    Congrats on your new biz Dan. Do you brew a wheat-free beer? Yuengling doesn’t distribute west of the Mississippi – maybe you will 😉

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