Boys @ the Lab Series

In an effort to bring some new brews to the Brewery I have a “Boys @ The Lab Series” of beers.  These are all one-off beers that if they are welcomed by the beer world will enter the full-time lineup.   Here’s what I have done, and plan on doing:

#14 Galaxy APA (November 2012)

No, that’s not an American Pale Ale but and Australian Pale Ale.  The Galaxy hop is a pretty tasty hop that is grown exclusively in Australia and packs some serious punch at 14% alpha acids to provide some pretty intense bitterness.  There are also hints of Passionfruit and Grapefruit with this hop.

#13 GPA (September 2012)

There are American, West Coast, Imperial, Indian Pale Ale’s but no German IPA’s.  We will buck the trend and make a hoppy German styled beer with all hops from Germany and a healthy amount of Munich Maltyness. (Update: Wish I made more! This sold out Friday night at the brewery and couldn’t make it to day #2!)

#12 – Sorachi Citra IPA (July)

Two hard to find hops that both possess a unique lemon/lime flavor to them will be combined to create a double hopped citrus experience.

#11 – New Zealand IPA (May 2012)

Pacific Jade and Motueka hops (both from the Kiwi nation), will be loaded into this Pale Ale.  Both have a citrusy and herbal taste to them and should provide a unique beer experience.  After the popularity of the Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale I had to try another New Zealand style Pale Ale!  (Well received, but probably won’t make a comeback for sometime…too many other ideas!)

#10 – Citra Pale Ale (April)

All Citra Hops, and alot of them!  A hint of wheat is added to sweeten the pot a bit.  (I always enjoy using the Citra Hop, maybe it makes a comeback at some point?)

#9 – Brown Note (March 2012)

Even though this came in 2nd during a brewery vote to the Vanilla Cream Ale I couldn’t resist and I am making this for March anyway! (Turned out well and sold almost all of it instantly, this has made several other appearances at the brewery.)

#8 – Vanilla Caramel Cream Ale (May 2012)

Caramel Malts, REAL Vanilla Beans, and a nice creamy flavor!  I added this to the regular lineup, expect to see it about every other month.

#7 – Citra Sauvin Wheat (February 2012)

Combining my two new favorite hops, (Citra, and Nelson Sauvin) into this easy drinking wheat beer.  Test case for a summer release!  (Coming back in August or September 2012)

#6 – Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale – This pale ale will be made entirely from the Nelson Sauvin hop.  Here is a description on the taste of the hop from “This variety imparts certain grape-like flavour to the beer and the name arose out of comments made during brewery trials, where the flavour was likened to that of Sauvignon Blanc, coincidentally also grown extensively in the region.” – This will more than likely be a one off beer, these hops are twice the price as regular hops due to their rarity. (Update:  This was a brewery favorite, joined the regular lineup!)

#5 – The Ryeing Game – Great movie (well at least interesting…), and hopefully as interesting as a beer.  This is a 85+ IBU brew that will be made.  (Update: Released in December of 2011 and it was a nice success.  Steps up into the lineup pretty frequently and is seen in bars more often than other boys @ the lab beers)

#4 – Kolsch Wars – 3 different takes on the Kolsch Style.  You pick your favorite and it stays. (Update:  Noney Kolsch won by a hair but will also rotate the Wheat Kolsch in there too)

#3 – Wet Hop Citra Ale – Released in October – Wet hops are whole hops that are picked and brewed within a day or two or harvesting.  They are not dried and added “Wet” to the beer primarily (and coincidentally) into the “Dry hopping” of the beer.  (Released September of 2011:  May do again with a different hop next year)

#2 – All About Amber – This is an ALL AMBER malt ale that should contain a very unique blend of flavors. (Update:  Released in October 2011 – Made a few times in small batches. It has a cult following and make it here and there…)

#1 – Roggenator – A Roggenbier is a hefewiezen except for it uses Rye instead of Wheat (Update: this is now in the full time (seasonal) lineup).