To call the new location a “Brewpub” is a gross oversimplification of the word.  It is classified by the state as a “Brewpub”, but you won’t find french fry platters, “pittsburgh” sandwiches, and beef brisket on the menu.

We focus on foods that pair with the styles of beer on tap and tend to be gluten-free.  Exquisite cheese, and meat tasting platters is more our style.  If you want something more filling, feel free to bring in whatever food you would like to eat, we have many neighbors that serve food.

Otherwise stop in and relax.  The place isn’t pretentious by any means…it was built with the intention of being a place to hang out and grab a beer.

Our Hours are:  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 4 to 10 pm.

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11 Responses to Brewpub

  1. Steve mchenry says:

    Just checking on growler hours

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Looks like 2 weeks from this Saturday (19th of February). I’ll post the final update at least a week in advance. Just gotta make sure I get my growlers in time and have an adequate amount of beer on tap! I will have 2 available, Chamomile Wheat and I.Porter.A. Thanks for checking in!

  2. cj harper says:

    looking forward to your growler sales
    will i be able to bring empty growlers
    from other breweries or have does
    state require you to buy yours.
    good luck with your venture

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Unfortunately you need to get one of mine 🙁

      But it only is a one time deposit fee of $5. After that you can keep it, or bring it back and I’ll give you the $5.

  3. DH says:

    Dan, good article this Sunday in the BCT’s website about you. I think it’s great what you’re doing. It’s unique, it’s filling a local void, and it sounds like you’ve got the drive and talent to pull this off! I wish you all the best with this endeavor!! One thing, though… try and keep your price reasonable. Even though the type of Beer you’re making it generally marketed to those who can afford the leasure of “a little something more”, don’t forget about the little guys. Especially where you’re located, I’m sure there a lot of folks with not much money to spare who would still like to be able to enjoy a local brew with character. SO, having said that, I’m looking forward to giving your Beer a try. The Growler Hours sounds like a great idea, and I look forward to stopping up!

    • Dan - The Brewer says:

      Couldn’t agree more, I sell my flagship beer (I.Porter.A) to bars cheaper than any of my others so good people get to drink good beer at a good price. “Growlers” are something new and foreign to the locals in the valley but I think we will get a good response for them!

  4. Lee-The Drinker says:

    I don’t know if having a brewery where i can get growlers full of beer within walking distance of my house is the best thing to ever happen to me or the worst!! But i will definetly be there on March 5th. Can’t wait to try it out!!

  5. Steve says:

    Can’t wait for Saturday. Nothing like being there for the first growler hours of a brewery!

  6. Mark Blasco says:

    I’m the manager at this specialty hot and dog shop in Mt Washington.What wholesaler carries your beer. We like to support local brewers.


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