Anniversary Party this weekend!

This Saturday we celebrate four years of operation in downtown Beaver Falls with our brewpub location.  To kick things off we are tapping three new barrel aged beers.  Two in a whiskey barrel, one in a napa valley Cabernet / Sauvignon barrel.

We will also have a fairly kick ass Bloody Mary bar with tons of options for you to create your very own concoction.

Last but not least is our Nacho bar…all you can eat nachos for FREE until they are gone!  Come help us celebrate this weekend!

Check out the event page .


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Pizza Roll Ups and Pulled Pork Tacos + Fresh Nelson Sauvin

We have some really good food this weekend.  First off we have a pizza roll up appetizer – and it’s not the crappy frozen ones (Although they are sometimes delicious) – we make them in house.

pizza roll ups

Also have some pulled pork tacos which are tested and approved by the bar staff.

We’re also tapping a fresh batch of Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale, my personal favorite and as I always say…the hoppy beers are better fresh!

Lastly we are doing Mojitos again this week…they were so popular we are bringing them back!

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They are back this weekend!  Fresh mint, lime, agave nectar simple syrup, seltzer water and a dash of awesome.


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East Coast IPA – Cinco De Mayo Tacos!

Tapping our first ever East Coast IPA on Thursday.  It is made with Eureka Hops that pack a pretty unique flavor profile.  Everything from peach, to pine, to danky hoppyness are in this one.

We’re also doing Shrimp, Beef, and/or Chicken Tacos for Cinco De Mayo!  I’d recommend the I.Pepper.A for those!



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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Bloody Mary Week

It’s the last weekend of the month so that means we have our house made Bloody Mary available.  Leek vodka, Black Pepper Whiskey, we like to think it’s one of the best you’ll ever have.

We’re also tapping our new blonde Ale.  Made with Czech Saaz and Pilsner Malts.  Makes for a wonderful B&T!



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Barrel Rested Peach Cream Ale and “Think Pink”

On Saturday we are tapping a new beer, a barrel rested Peach Cream Ale.  It was in a whiskey barrel, but only for about 6 weeks.  We didn’t want the oak/Bourbon flavor to take over, just add a bit of complexity.


We are also doing two pink cocktails this weekend to raise money for a family in need that is dealing with breast cancer.  First up is a pink lemonade and Gin Martini, surprisingly good.  The second is a strawberry guava vodka spritzer.  Sweet and deadly.  On Saturday half of each of the purchase price of the cocktails will go towards the family.

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Yep, this Friday we do a bottle release of our highest ABV beer to date.  A barley wine at 11.4% ABV.  Here is a really pretentious “review” of the beer I made:

“Pours with a thick creamy head that grows before my eyes in the goblet I use for English Styled Barley Wines.  As I let warm to 48 degrees before I try I take a sniff to enjoy the aroma.  Malt forward.  While I pick up some yeast in the aroma this is truly malt first beer.  Beautiful amber color.   Rich, looks like a meal. 

The taste is crisp and full of flavor.  Mouthfeel is bubbly, but by the end of the glass I was glad there was such a thick barrier on top to keep in all the flavor and freshness.  Hops are not prevalent in here.  Some earthiness, a touch of floral aroma and taste from the hops.  But nothing overpowering. (It is only 30 IBU’s)  Will welcome a few of these into my cellar to see how they age over time!”

We are also giving out a free order of nachos to anyone that wants to drink theirs in house!  We aren’t distributing these anywhere, at the pub is the only place you can get them!

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Next Bottle Release is Friday the XIVth

friday the bottle14th

We are doing a very special bottle release of our highest ABV beer to date aptly named “Friday the XIVth”!

It’s an English styled barley wine, great for aging or drinking fresh. We recommend you open, pour, then let it breathe for 5-8 minutes. Allow the beer to warm and the carbonation to go down a bit as this is a sipper at 11.4%.

We have a special label created by local artist @artbytyreepatrick. Please check him out, he does truly amazing work. His full website has some awesome art as well.

There are only 288 bottles of this and they are hand numbered. They are $8 a piece, and if you buy four the price is $30. We will also be giving out a free sticker of the label to anyone purchasing the beer on our opening weekend! It would look awesome on any beer fridge!

For tax day, April 15th, we will also have a free order of nachos with cheese for anyone that buys a bottle to drink in house!

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Barrels! Plus the Bloody Mary


This isn’t even all of the Whiskey Barrels we received this week!  Soon they will all be filled with delicious beer.   From imperial stouts, to peach cream ales…we have plans for all of them!  If you have an idea shoot us an email to

Regards to our Bloody Mary’s…we will be doing them the last weekend of every month.  That means this weekend we will have them available!  They are the most requested cocktail at the brewery so figured we should have this more regularly!

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I.Pepper.A Tapping March 24th 4pm!

We like to push the boundaries of beer making.  While there are few new ideas in the brewing world, we enjoy trying our hardest to provide something rare, unique, and most importantly…great tasting to our loyal patrons.  From Basil infused amber ales, to Circus Peanut Hefeweizens, we like to be different.

This week we are tapping our I.Pepper.A.  A pale ale brewed with Equinox hops and Habanero Peppers.  Habaneros have probably the best taste profile of any hot pepper out there.  However, they are REALLY F’ing hot!  To minimize the heat we removed almost all of the seeds, and trimmed the insides so the Scoville Units remain in check.  We also used an English Styled Ale yeast which leaves a bit more residual sugar in the beer as opposed to a traditional Pale Ale Yeast.  Equinox hops are utilized and they provide a subtle green pepper flavor that pairs well with the Habanero.

The result is a very smooth tasting Pale Ale with a hint of pepper and heat on the back end. You won’t be coughing as you take a sip of this, we actually wanted it to taste good and be drinkable!   Draft only…and we will be filling up growlers as long as it’s on tap!

We will also be doing a habanero infused cocktail this week!  Should be a bit hotter than the beer!

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