Harmonist Schwarzbier and Hot Cocktails!

One of our most popular beers we tap annually is known by regulars as “The Harmonist”.  The beer is based of a 200 year old recipe unearthed at Old Economy Village in Ambridge.  We were commissioned by the organization to recreate what looks to be the only beer the Harmonists made.  I guess they found something they liked and decided to stick with it.  The beer was the first beer in US history to be distributed in multiple states.

The recipe was in Swabic German so it took awhile to translate, but the wait was worth it.  The end result is a porter-like beer that is incredibly smooth, a touch sweet, lightly hopped, and it packs a lot of flavor for a beer under 4.5% ABV.

We are also starting HOT cocktails.  Everything from Double Hot Chocolate Rum Cocktails, to Hot Toddy’s, to Mint and Green Tea!  A full menu debuts this Thursday.

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New beers on tap this weekend and more on the way!

Each week in December we will be tapping a fresh beer.  To start this weekend we are tapping a single hopped Blonde ale to accent a brand new hop from Germany – Hallertau Blanc.  This is one of the most wild hop flavors we have encountered…Pineapple, Tropical Fruit, and actual sweetness.  Very strange indeed!

Also this month we are tapping a Apple Blosson Braggot (beer made from Honey).

Towards the end of the month we will be tapping are almost famous Harmonist Schwarzbier.  It is based of a recipe from the 1820’s that was recovered at Olde Economy Village in Ambridge.  Very classic styled beer that is always one of the most popular beers we have on tap!

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5th Anniversary Pecan Pie Day this week!

We are open one Wednesday a year and that is coming up this week! We do our Pecan Pie beer. A brown ale with real Pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon. This year we did an additional batch and aged it in a Four Roses Bourbon barrel for six months for a pretty amazing result.

In addition, we have two specialty cocktails. First is our “Cough Medicine”. A honey/orange Bourbon with cranberry juice and our house made ginger Soda. We are bringing back our Ginger Peach cocktail as well since it is the most requested cocktail we have.  See you Wednesday!



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Pecan Pie Day is ONE WEEK AWAY!

Quick Reminder that on Thanksgiving Eve (That’s a Wednesday), we will be open for our FIFTH Pecan Pie Day.

If you have never been, we brew a Pecan Pie Beer each year and it is available for ONE DAY (or until it runs out – but each year we run out on the actual day).

This year we are adding a small twist…we are doing two versions.  One is the traditional recipe…the second was aged in a Four Roses Bourbon Barrel for six months…and it is amazing.

We will have the beer at our Brewery and will also be sending some to our Beaver Location as well!  If you are a facebook person the event is posted here https://www.facebook.com/events/152560861874108/

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Blueberry Gose Fundraiser for Pittsburgh Emperor Kids Hockey Team

Like Hockey? Kids? Beer? If the answers are yes we have an event for you this weekend. On Saturday Nov. 12th we are doing a fundraiser at the brewery to benefit the Pittsburgh Emperor Special Hockey team for kids.

Their goal is “to educate and encourage all individuals with developmental and physical disabilities to participate in the sport of Ice Hockey within an environment that is adapted to levels of the athletes participating”

And all you have to do to help is buy beer! We are doing a VERY limited bottle release of a NEW Blueberry Gose and for each bottle purchased $2.50 will go towards the charity. For each draft of the Gose purchased $1.00 will go towards the charity.

We will also have some raffle prized.  There are 4 bottles of our Broadway Double Cup of Joe Stout to be given away.  And there will also be a VERY special prize raffled away.  One lucky winner will get a Pint of our Bourbon Barrel Aged Pecan Pie on Saturday in advance of Pecan Pie Day.  We will be drawing the tickets at or around 9pm and you have to be there (at least for the Pecan Pie) to claim you gift.  $1 per ticket with all the money going to the charity.

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Painkillers and Blueberry Gose Fundraiser

This weekend we will have some painkillers available…at least the cocktail version!

First up is the Painkiller Cocktail with Big Spring Spirits Coconut rum. It’s pineapple and orange juice, coconut water and nectar, heavy cream, topped with nutmeg and shredded coconut.

Second is a more traditional painkiller with your choice of Wigle Whiskey landlocked or Maggie’s Farm Rum.   Both are great “Tiki” drinks and have a wonderful island flavor to them.

Next week on November 12th we are doing a fundraiser for the Pittsburgh Emperor Special Hockey team and it is attached to our bottle release of our Blueberry Gose.  More details coming early next week!

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Pecan Pie Day is a Month AWAY!

We do our Pecan Pie beer ONE DAY A YEAR.  That’s right.  We tap it, then by the end of the day it is gone until next year.  This year we have added a few wrinkles that we aren’t quite ready to release…but yes…we are doing it again.

Wednesday November 23rd or Thanksgiving Eve at 4pm is when the beer will be tapped.  Last year we ran out of growlers by 8pm, and all the beer was consumed in pints by 10.

Mark your calendars and check back as we will have some other announcements about the day coming soon!

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Cider Cocktails all weekend and $1 off all Arsenal Cider!

We are celebrating Apple Cider this weekend with our Cocktail Menu.  3 Cider based cocktails.

First, Dark and Applely. Aged Rum from Big Spring Spirits goes with our house made ginger soda, lime, and cider.

Next is the Rye Appletini. Kinsey rye whiskey, a sprig of lavender, and cider.

Last up is Landlocked Cider, we add spiced spirits from Wigle Whiskey to apple cider for a nice and spiced fall beverage.

And yes, we have Pumpkin Beer as well!

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Bourbon Barrel Aged Beer and a New Gose on the way!

This November we are tapping some new beers never before released.  One is a Bourbon Barrel Aged beer.  Should be ready close to Thanksgiving.  Earlier in November we are bottling and tapping a new Gose that will be part of a fundraiser for a local charity.

Keep up to date with all of our updates on twitter @BeaverBrewing or on Facebook www.facebook.com/BeaverBrewingCompany

pecan pie barrel aged beer

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Pumpkin Beer is Here + a Pumpkin Cocktail!

I know, so late are we…introducing a pumpkin beer all the way in OCTOBER!

But that’s how we roll.  Nate Banks has come back for a third year in a row to brew a pumpkin beer.  His “Got Pumpkins?” will be on tap this Friday.  A roasty milk stout with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Perfect Fall Season beer.

We also have a Pumpkin Cocktail this week!  Pureed Tangerines, Pumpkins, Cinnamon, simple syrup from Brown Sugar, and Manatawny Whiskey!   Served on ice…but it will warm you up!

manatawny whiskey cocktail

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