I.Pepper.A Tapping March 24th 4pm!

We like to push the boundaries of beer making.  While there are few new ideas in the brewing world, we enjoy trying our hardest to provide something rare, unique, and most importantly…great tasting to our loyal patrons.  From Basil infused amber ales, to Circus Peanut Hefeweizens, we like to be different.

This week we are tapping our I.Pepper.A.  A pale ale brewed with Equinox hops and Habanero Peppers.  Habaneros have probably the best taste profile of any hot pepper out there.  However, they are REALLY F’ing hot!  To minimize the heat we removed almost all of the seeds, and trimmed the insides so the Scoville Units remain in check.  We also used an English Styled Ale yeast which leaves a bit more residual sugar in the beer as opposed to a traditional Pale Ale Yeast.  Equinox hops are utilized and they provide a subtle green pepper flavor that pairs well with the Habanero.

The result is a very smooth tasting Pale Ale with a hint of pepper and heat on the back end. You won’t be coughing as you take a sip of this, we actually wanted it to taste good and be drinkable!   Draft only…and we will be filling up growlers as long as it’s on tap!

We will also be doing a habanero infused cocktail this week!  Should be a bit hotter than the beer!

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St Pattys Day Menu and sweet cocktail!

It’s St Pattys Day this weekend so we got Corned Beef Dinner with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage on Friday.  On Saturday we do “leftovers” and make some awesome Rueben sandwiches.

We NEEDED something green this weekend so we did a new cocktail.  The Melontini.  Fresh honeydew melon, honey, green tea and vodka….it’s pretty damn special if you ask me.



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Updating the Taplist in Beaver and New Beer!

Right now we have our Chamomile Wheat, Double Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout, The Brown Note, and a New one…Citradelic.  An clean IPA made entirely with danky Citra hops.  Really intense aroma.

One keg will stay at the brewery and be on tap tonight.

We are also going to run back the Tacos this week since they went over so well last week.  Shrimp and Beef tacos will be available with Pork Sliders!

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That’s correct, not only are we offering beer made on site…we are also offering fresh made Cider as well!  Our first batches are all from apples pressed at Soergels Orchard in Wexford.

This weekend we are tapping 3 versions.  First up is our Pear/Apple Cider that has sweet pear juice added.  Next up is a Sour Cheery Cider – Cherry up front, sour finish on the back end, sweet and sour flavor.  Last up is our Traditional Cider, a bit tart, with a crisp finish.

To kick it off we are offering two samplers.  One is made of small pours…3 for $5.  Or you can sample all 3 in our snifter sized glasses and get an order of our apple salsa to munch on as well for $9!   This weekend only!

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Adult Root Beer Float – this weekend only

A picture is worth a 1,000 words…


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Dubble Bubble, Food Menu, Cocktails

We don’t make them often , so if you are a Belgian fan this weekend is your time to shine.  On Friday we are tapping Dubble Bubble.  A Belgian Dubble with hints of fig and malty goodness surrounding the beer.  Not an over the top boozy beer but it at 6.6% ABV.

Also have some new food this week.  Stick to your ribs Ham Loaf and Potatoes.  Swedish Meatball with Pasta, Hot Artichoke Chicken Salad wraps, Cheese Boards, and some Flatbread Pizza as well!

Lastly we are going outside of the box and doing a Root Beer cocktail this weekend.  Our house made root beer, spiced rum, and a creamed bourbon float on top.  Sweet and tasty.


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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout on Tap + Dinner Menu

This Friday we tap our most popular winter seasonal, The Double Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout.  Made with twice the amount of Dark Chocolate as usual for a rich slightly bitter finish.  And yes, we use REAL PEANUT BUTTER as well.

For food this week we are debuting a Reuben Sandwich and French Onion Soup.

Lastly, we will have a new cocktail to pair with our new beer and we call it “Trouble”.  Almond Milk, Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Liqueur, Chocolate Syrup, and Peanut Butter…shaken and served in a cocktail glass.

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Then God said, “Let there be food…and of course beer.”

We now will have a full menu of food at the brewery!  And we start at it this weekend.  Going to be a lot of ‘stick to your ribs’ types of food, plenty of country cooking…you know…stuff that goes well with beer.

The menu will change on a weekly basis but you’ll always find some sort of chili, soup, sandwich available.

This weekend we start with Chili, Potato Bacon Soup, Chicken Salad sandwiches, Sloppy Joes w/ loaded tater tots.  Maybe even a cheese board if we can get that ready in time.  Starting this weekend!

And if you are a Bloody Mary fan we are bring back our house made mix this weekend, I beleive it is the best in the area.  We soak chipotle peppers in vodka, purée them and add them to the propriety blend of spices for a kick ass Bloody Mary.

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Fresh Beer Friday! Scottish Ale Style + New Cocktail

Yes, sometimes a 9% Imperial Stout is what you want to drink, however sometimes you want more than one…and we think we have found that for you.  Our 60 Schilling Scottish Ale is light, yet malty at 3.4% ABV.  Nice and crisp on the palate.

We also have a new cocktail made with Vodka and Marmalade aptly named “Paddington Bear”.  Three Bitches Vodka is mixed with Orange Marmalade, Ice and a wedge of lime for some citrus.  Totally refreshing.

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Verified Venue + MEAD Weekend!

We are now a verified venue on Untappd!  What does this mean?  It means you can veiw our up to the minute taplist right on the app or the website.  We will also be posting our events and beer releases on there so please, log onto untappd and “Like” our brewery!

This weekend we are also celebrating Mead!  We are doing a $1 off all mead by the glass and doing $1 off mead cocktails as well.

Our Bee Sting is Laurel Highlands Mead with Wheat Whiskey from Wigle.  It is in my opinion the best whiskey cocktail we do.  This week we are also doing a new mead cocktail…Let’s Do It A-Gin.  We add Hopped Mead, Faber Gin, our homemade Ginger Soda, and Blueberries in a glass with Ice for one of the more refreshing cocktails you will ever have…this weekend only!

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