Dubble Bubble, Food Menu, Cocktails

We don’t make them often , so if you are a Belgian fan this weekend is your time to shine.  On Friday we are tapping Dubble Bubble.  A Belgian Dubble with hints of fig and malty goodness surrounding the beer.  Not an over the top boozy beer but it at 6.6% ABV.

Also have some new food this week.  Stick to your ribs Ham Loaf and Potatoes.  Swedish Meatball with Pasta, Hot Artichoke Chicken Salad wraps, Cheese Boards, and some Flatbread Pizza as well!

Lastly we are going outside of the box and doing a Root Beer cocktail this weekend.  Our house made root beer, spiced rum, and a creamed bourbon float on top.  Sweet and tasty.


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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout on Tap + Dinner Menu

This Friday we tap our most popular winter seasonal, The Double Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout.  Made with twice the amount of Dark Chocolate as usual for a rich slightly bitter finish.  And yes, we use REAL PEANUT BUTTER as well.

For food this week we are debuting a Reuben Sandwich and French Onion Soup.

Lastly, we will have a new cocktail to pair with our new beer and we call it “Trouble”.  Almond Milk, Chocolate Milk, Chocolate Liqueur, Chocolate Syrup, and Peanut Butter…shaken and served in a cocktail glass.

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Then God said, “Let there be food…and of course beer.”

We now will have a full menu of food at the brewery!  And we start at it this weekend.  Going to be a lot of ‘stick to your ribs’ types of food, plenty of country cooking…you know…stuff that goes well with beer.

The menu will change on a weekly basis but you’ll always find some sort of chili, soup, sandwich available.

This weekend we start with Chili, Potato Bacon Soup, Chicken Salad sandwiches, Sloppy Joes w/ loaded tater tots.  Maybe even a cheese board if we can get that ready in time.  Starting this weekend!

And if you are a Bloody Mary fan we are bring back our house made mix this weekend, I beleive it is the best in the area.  We soak chipotle peppers in vodka, purée them and add them to the propriety blend of spices for a kick ass Bloody Mary.

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Fresh Beer Friday! Scottish Ale Style + New Cocktail

Yes, sometimes a 9% Imperial Stout is what you want to drink, however sometimes you want more than one…and we think we have found that for you.  Our 60 Schilling Scottish Ale is light, yet malty at 3.4% ABV.  Nice and crisp on the palate.

We also have a new cocktail made with Vodka and Marmalade aptly named “Paddington Bear”.  Three Bitches Vodka is mixed with Orange Marmalade, Ice and a wedge of lime for some citrus.  Totally refreshing.

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Verified Venue + MEAD Weekend!

We are now a verified venue on Untappd!  What does this mean?  It means you can veiw our up to the minute taplist right on the app or the website.  We will also be posting our events and beer releases on there so please, log onto untappd and “Like” our brewery!

This weekend we are also celebrating Mead!  We are doing a $1 off all mead by the glass and doing $1 off mead cocktails as well.

Our Bee Sting is Laurel Highlands Mead with Wheat Whiskey from Wigle.  It is in my opinion the best whiskey cocktail we do.  This week we are also doing a new mead cocktail…Let’s Do It A-Gin.  We add Hopped Mead, Faber Gin, our homemade Ginger Soda, and Blueberries in a glass with Ice for one of the more refreshing cocktails you will ever have…this weekend only!

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Reaching the Summit back on tap

About twice a year we brew our English Styled Pale Ale with Summit Hops.  In general, Summit hops are very up front and usually dominate the beer.  We however use an English Styled yeast that mutes hop flavor and you are left with a very clean Pale Ale with a nice malty backbone that is under 5% ABV.

This (As well as 11 other beers) will be on tap all weekend!

Our Special Cocktail this week is “Tropical Bliss”.  Strawberry Juice, muddled Kiwi, and Vodka!


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Beer Cocktails $1 off all weekend! + Full Nelson Sauvin

You may have or have not had a beer cocktail…if you have not, I feel sad for you.  They are wonderful.  A bit scary, but once you break the seal you’ll never want a “regular” beer again.

This weekend we will have 4 available, and we put this little video together to show you how we make it and what they are all about!  This is the weekend to give one a try since we are taking $1 off all beer cocktails all weekend!

The “House” beer cocktail is easily the most popular we serve.  Gin. IPA. Orange Juice. Rosemary. Happy.  Check out the video to see what you are missing.

We are also tapping a new beer on Friday…The Full Nelson Sauvin.  We wanted to kick up our Regular Nelson Sauvin Pale Ale and turn it into a double IPA.  The normal is around 5.5% ABV…this one is 8%.  We also added more hops for a bit more of a bite.  Only making this once so get it in while you can!

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Open New Years Eve!

We are open today!  Opening at 4 pm and pouring two new cocktails.  The Pearless Whisper made with Pear Juice and Demeter Whiskey from Wigle Whiskey.  Also have Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Coffee and Bourbon hot cocktail as well.


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Christmas Growler Fill Blowout Sale 12/22 and 12/23

This season give the gift of beer!  We will fill any 64 oz growler with any beer you would like for only $10!  We will also fill any 32 oz. growler for only $7.   We saved some beers from earlier in the year to have for this weekend so you will see our S’More is Better Stout and Got Pumpkin Stout on tap again.

We have a pretty nice lineup to complement those beers as well!

  • Harmonist Schwarzbier
  • Tall Glass of Shut the Hell Up IPA
  • Chamomile Wheat
  • Roggenbier
  • French Teamaker De Garde
  • I.Porter.A
  • Hopfenriech Blume
  • Nelson Sauvin
  • Got Pumpkins
  • S’More is Better Stout
  • The Brown Note
  • Blueberry Gose
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Harmonist Schwarzbier and Hot Cocktails!

One of our most popular beers we tap annually is known by regulars as “The Harmonist”.  The beer is based of a 200 year old recipe unearthed at Old Economy Village in Ambridge.  We were commissioned by the organization to recreate what looks to be the only beer the Harmonists made.  I guess they found something they liked and decided to stick with it.  The beer was the first beer in US history to be distributed in multiple states.

The recipe was in Swabic German so it took awhile to translate, but the wait was worth it.  The end result is a porter-like beer that is incredibly smooth, a touch sweet, lightly hopped, and it packs a lot of flavor for a beer under 4.5% ABV.

We are also starting HOT cocktails.  Everything from Double Hot Chocolate Rum Cocktails, to Hot Toddy’s, to Mint and Green Tea!  A full menu debuts this Thursday.

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